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Magic Matrix Dashboard

Strategically generate more sales using the Magic Matrix!

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The CRM's Magic Matrix helps you identify products you could be selling more of to your customers. Selling more of a range of Products to a customer will help make them more 'sticky' since they are using more of your Products!

The Magic Matrix Dashboard is a way to see a quick overview of the data.

Accessing the Magic Matrix Dashboard

To access the Magic Matrix Dashboard, select 'Dashboard' from the navigation menu, then use the drop-down to select 'Magic Matrix Dashboard'.

Once on the Magic Matrix Dashboard, you can change which Category is highlighted using the Dropdown down.

This will change what data is shown for the Opportunities and Campaign Activities tiles to relate to the category chosen.

Customer Matrix

Get a snapshot of sales performance across your Product Magic Matrix categories using the Customer Matrix tile. The key underneath helps you see which Magic Matrix categories are performing well and where there are areas for improvement and strategic growth.

Select 'Configure Categories' to adjust the categories that appear in your Customer Matrix.


The Opportunities tile simply gives you a glimpse of all open Opportunities that are estimated to close either 'This Month' or 'Next Month', depending on which tab is selected. The value of each Opportunity is also listed to the right, helping you ascertain which deals have a greater financial reward if closed.

On this tile, the Avatar in the circle on the left-hand side will show the Salesperson associated with each Opportunity.

The 'See More' link takes you to an Opportunities Report that's automatically filtered to show all Opportunities associated with your Magic Matrix activity.

Campaign Activities

The Campaign Activities tile provides an overview of active Campaign Activities that are associated with your any of your Magic Matrix categories.

The 'See More' link takes you to a full list of the Campaign Activities you're running to drive more sales using the Magic Matrix.

Open Magic Matrix

The 'Open Magic Matrix' button takes you to the Magic Matrix itself, where you can see your full list of customers and their awareness and buying behaviour across your product categories.

To learn more about the Magic Matrix and how to use it, head to this article.

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