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The Magic Matrix
Understanding the Magic Matrix
Understanding the Magic Matrix

Learn how to use Magic Matrix to identify which products you could be selling more of.

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The CRM's Magic Matrix helps you identify products you could be selling more of to your customers. With simple colour coding, you can quickly and easily identify upsell opportunities - either by customer or by product category.

In addition to viewing the Magic Matrix grid, we also have a Magic Matrix Dashboard! Learn more about this here.


Magic Matrix

Step 1: Open the Magic Matrix

Access the Magic Matrix via the navigation menu under the Sales page, or click here.

If you don't see the Magic Matrix under the Sales menu then you may need to enable it. The Magic Matrix can be enabled in System Settings under Magic Matrix, found here or follow this guide here.

Step 2: Choose your Product Categories

Next, use the categories drop-down menu to choose up to 10 product categories. You can also use the other drop-down menus along the top to filter the results down further, like RFM Segments, Account Managers, Industries or Unleashed Customer Types (Available to Unleashed workspace only).

Once you have selected the Categories, you can review the codes per ERP Account which are listed on the left-hand side.

Please note: The CRM will generate some Magic Matrix Categories from your Product Categories when we first connect your CRM to your ERP. After which, we will not continue to sync them or automatically create. You can configure the categories here or find out more about Magic Matrix Configuration here.

Step 3: Understand the Colour Coding

The Magic Matrix has four different stages, each with an associated colour so they're easily identifiable on the Magic Matrix Dashboard and elsewhere within the CRM:

  1. Unaware (Red) - Customers who've not purchased from the product category before, and have not yet been included in a Campaign Activity to make them aware of the product category.

  2. Aware (Orange) - Customers who've not purchased from the product category before, but have been included in a Campaign Activity to make them aware of the product category.

  3. Opportunity (Blue) - Customers who've not purchased from the product category before, but have an Opportunity logged for the product category.

  4. Bought (Green) - Customers who have purchased from the product category within the set Transaction Age. The category Max Transaction Age can be configured here.

For example, looking at the example above, the customer 'Jam Makers Paradise' has purchased from the 'Jam Jars' product category but not from the 'Ingredients' product category.

The more green dots on your Magic Matrix Dashboard, the better! The aim is to get as many of your customers to buy as many of your products.

To move customers from Unaware to Aware, you'll need to use the Bulk Awareness tool to add them to a Campaign Activity to help manage your marketing effort. Here's how!

Step 4: Get more details!

Once you have reviewed the Magic Matrix and you notice a Customer who you want to start taking action on, perhaps adding them to a Campaign, you can do that from the Magic Matrix!

Simply, press on the coloured dot to bring up a sidebar full of actions and more detail.

From here you can see more details on the Customer relating to the Magic Matrix:

  • Sales - Products within the selected category a Customer has bought as well as the Quantity, Value and Order Date.

  • Opportunities - Opportunity records assigned to the Category, the records status and close date. To read more on how to assign an Opportunity to a Magic Matrix Category, click here.

  • Campaigns - Campaigns the Customer is involved in and the Campaign end date.

  • Quotes - Quote records with a quote line of a Product within the Magic Matrix category.

Can't find a Company in the Magic Matrix? The Magic Matrix is based on Sales Ledger data and so whilst we display the Company name, if the Company doesn't have a Sales Ledger it won't show. Equally, if two Companies have the same Sales Ledger, they will both show but with the same data.

Magic Matrix by Company

You can also view the Magic Matrix by Company, as well as manually mark a Company as being Aware of a Magic Matrix category, for example, if you told them about it over the phone or during a meeting on site.

To view the Magic Matrix by company, simply navigate to any Company in the CRM and clicking the 'Sales Analysis' page. This shows data from the Sales Ledger, on how well you're doing at cross-selling your different products to this particular customer, along with the progress (aware or interested) with products that you're trying to sell to this customer.

To manually mark a company as Aware, simply navigate to a Company. Scroll down to the Categories section and select 'Choose Items...' under the Magic Matrix heading. You'll then see a drop down list of all of your Magic Matrix categories, where you can then manually select the relevant category e.g. 'Aware'.

Please Note: The Magic Matrix updates customer categorisation overnight. If you'd like to update your Magic Matrix sooner, press the refresh button in the top right-hand corner of the grid.

Magic Matrix for Colourblind Users

A colourblind mode is available for users that are visually impaired or colourblind and struggle to identify different colours. This setting causes the system to use different shading patterns as well as different colours to identify different states/values on visualisations.

The setting for the new colourblind mode is per-user so can be set individually by each user via "Settings" and "Personal Settings", or navigating via "Personal Settings" in the user profile/avatar menu.

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