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Getting Started with Prospect CRM
Getting Started with Prospect CRM

New to the system? These articles will take you through the basics, helping you get the system up and running.

Adding Users & Setting PermissionsHow to add new CRM Users and manage User permissions.
Segmenting your Customers & ProspectsMaximise your average order values by segmenting your customers & prospects to help improve your marketing data.
Configure your Company TypesCompany Types are used to categorise your records, such as; Prospect, Customer, Competitor, Supplier, Partner etc.
Configure your IndustriesThe Industry drop-down in Prospect helps classify businesses according to the type of industry/field they're in.
Configure your Contact RolesContact Roles allow you to categorise people based on how you'd reference them e.g. Main Decision Maker, Main Buyer, Junior Buyer etc.
Identify your Sales ModelUnderstanding how the CRM can help support your sales model to grow your Wholesale, Distributor or Manufacturing business.
Set up your Opportunity PipelinesHere's how to set up your Opportunity Pipelines so your customer-facing teams can manage each sale, step by step!
Set up your Opportunity TypesOpportunity Types help categorise your Opportunities by what type of sale it is.
Set up your Quote PipelinesHelping you to set up your Quote Pipelines to ensure quotation processes are followed company-wide.
Configuring Tax Rates for Cin7 OmniSet up Tax Rates to ensure correct Tax is applied to your customer's orders.
Establish your Document TypesEnsure all customer-facing comms are on-brand.
Edit Word/PDF Quote TemplateEdit our ready-made Quote Template in minutes to start sending quotations to your customers.
Configure a Word Document TemplateDiscover how to upload Word Documents to use as Document Templates within the CRM.
Configure Email TemplatesCreate emails to be used as Document Templates within the CRM to make email sending lightning fast.
Set up your Email SignatureOutlining how to set email signatures for emails being sent from the CRM.
Sending Emails from your Own DomainDetailed steps on how to send emails from your own domain rather than the default CRM email address.
Standard ReportsWhere to find useful CRM Reports to make the most of your data.
Building your Own ReportsThe Report Builder allows you to create bespoke Reports within your CRM, which then can be saved and shared with other CRM users.
Filtering your DataHow to filter your data when building and analysing Reports in the CRM.
Summarising & Adding Grouping to your ReportThis article will outline how to summarise and add grouping to your CRM Report.
Don't Make After Sales an After ThoughtUnderstanding how using Problems in your CRM can ensure you don't make after sales an after thought.
Set up your Problem Pipelines & StatusesHere's how to set up your Problem Pipelines so your customer-facing teams can quickly & efficiently record client issues.
Configure your Problem TypesLet us show you how to categorise your customer queries into Problem Types in the CRM.
Introduction to the Growth Formula, the Growth Model & the Growth PlaybookLearn how to maximise business growth in your product business at every stage of the Growth Formula by implementing the Growth Playbook.
Onboarding New UsersFind out how to onboard new users to the CRM with our help resources and training services.