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Ensure all customer-facing comms are on-brand.

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Document Templates help ensure all messages being sent to your customers are on-brand, whilst also saving CRM users time and effort by simplifying document creation. No matter what industry you're in, Document Templates will provide a number of benefits.

The CRM has 3 types of document templates that you can configure:

  1. Email Template - Emails can be sent via the CRM and automatically saved into the CRM.

  2. Word Template - Please note that Word templates can be converted to PDF within the CRM when the user generates the document and sends to the customer.

Here are some examples of where Document Templates could be useful.

Quick Email Quotes

Email quotes contain a copy of the Quote Table within the body of the email, so your Sales team can send quick and simple Quotes to your customers. The Quote will confirm the products, price and quantity that the customer/prospect is interested in. You can find this template within the CRM already - it's called 'Basic Email Quote'.

Quote Attachments

Quote Attachments give you more flexibility when it comes to styling the Quote Table. They're initially created in Word, allowing you to apply various Word styling options. When sending the Quote Attachment you can convert this to a PDF which is usually the preferred file type. You can find this template within the CRM too - it's called 'Simple Quote Document'.

Order Confirmation

Once you've confirmed the order into your Accounting/Inventory Management/ERP System, you could set up an Order Confirmation email template. This should confirm the details of the customer's order, including their order reference number. You can even get the order confirmation email to automatically send when a Quote is confirmed - to learn more about this, click here. Again, you can find this template within the CRM - it's called 'Order Confirmation'.

Chasing an Opportunity/Intro Email

It's crucial that your Sales team are efficient as possible, so setting up chaser and introductory email templates for them is really important. This email could include various links to your website providing more information about your product/service ranges, acting as a follow-up to the Sales person's call. Again, this template is in the CRM for you - it's called 'Intro Email'.

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