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Introduction to the Growth Formula, the Growth Model & the Growth Playbook
Introduction to the Growth Formula, the Growth Model & the Growth Playbook

Learn how to maximise business growth in your product business at every stage of the Growth Formula by implementing the Growth Playbook.

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What is the "Growth Formula"?

The Growth Formula is a simple blueprint for sales growth in B2B product businesses; both attracting more customers and maximising customer lifetime value (CLTV) are key to a profitable, growing business.

What is the "Growth Model"?

This simple visualisation can then be extended and broken into the Growth Model; the 7 growth strategies for B2B sales growth.

The Funnel: More Customers

  • Attract

  • Sell

  • Close

The Flywheel Higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

  • Onboard

  • Order Value

  • Order Frequency

  • Retention

Maximising both the funnel and the flywheel leads to repeatable, reliable, profitable and predictable growth - it's the ultimate formula for turning your B2B product business into a growth engine!

What is the "Growth Playbook"?

The Growth Playbook then turns this concept into a step-by-step, actionable plan for B2B product businesses to implement. Each tile within the playbook links to features in the CRM that will help your team execute that initiative.

From quicker wins that require less effort and investment but provide early ROI, to initiatives that require more planning and configuration time but boast big results, the Growth Playbook helps you focus your efforts for success in all 7 strategies that make up the Growth Formula.

Formatted as a grid, the Growth Playbook is made up of tiles - initiatives or actions that you and your team should focus on using features in the CRM. Each tile sits above one of the 7 growth strategies.

How does it work?

Low Investment & Early ROI

Tiles that feature in along the bottom of the grid will generate more immediate results more quickly. They're also easier to execute and require very little configuration from you to make a start.

More Planning & Configuration

Tiles towards the top of the grid have more complexity involved in either their setup and/or the execution. In turn, these are more likely to pay off long-term.

Implementing the Growth Playbook

Where you start with the Growth Playbook really depends on which of the strategies you feel need focus. Think about where there's room for improvement in your business - this is where you'll make the biggest impact. For example, if you're struggling to attract more of the right type of customers, focus your efforts towards the right of the grid. Got a leaky bucket? Make efforts to retain customers for longer by implementing initiatives towards the left of the grid.

The Growth Playbook Scorecard

Not sure where to begin? Get immediate results and actionable advice on where to focus your efforts by assessing your current performance against all 7 growth strategies. Take the Growth Playbook Scorecard here.

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