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Segmenting your Customers & Prospects
Segmenting your Customers & Prospects

Maximise your average order values by segmenting your customers & prospects to help improve your marketing data.

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Segmenting allows you to market to the right person at the right time, as well as providing greater reporting insights to help maximise your average order value. The CRM enables you to categorise your customers and prospects by segments that are important to your business.

Here are some ideas on how to effectively segment your customers and prospects.

Company Types are used to categorise your records, such as; Prospect, Customer, Competitor, Supplier, Partner etc. By setting appropriate Company Types, these can then be used to filter Reports, such as a list of all Companies with a Company Type of 'Prospect'.

Click here to learn more about Company Types.

The Industry drop-down in the CRM helps classify businesses according to the type of industry/field they're in. The Industries field is intended to help classify businesses according to the type of their economic activity. Although businesses can potentially belong to multiple classifications, the CRM allows for the primary classification to be stored and reported on against a Company. You can also use Industries to help target the right field of customers for targeted email marketing.

Click here to find out how to configure your industries.

Contact Roles allow you to categorise people based on how you'd reference them internally e.g. Main Decision Maker, Main Buyer, Junior Buyer etc. Every one of your Customers, Prospects, Suppliers etc. has a job title which only has a real meaning within their organisation. The CRM has a Role field on a Contact that allows you to categorise them based on their relevance to you. For example, a Contact could have a job title of Managing Director, CEO or Sales Director etc. but to you, they're all seen as Decision Makers. When sending out marketing communications, you can easily filter Contacts to only include Decision Makers rather than having to guess the many possible job titles they might have.

Click here to learn more about contact roles.

Need to change the label of a CRM field to help with segmenting your customers? Check out our Customiser to edit your CRM record layouts.

Want to add custom fields to your CRM to help better segment your customers? Use our Customiser to add custom fields. Custom fields enable you to customise your CRM to reflect your business' processes. You can configure Custom Fields at each level of the hierarchy, where each level has up to 40 standard Custom Fields available:

  • 10 Text Fields

  • 5 Number Fields

  • 5 Date Selector Fields

  • 5 Yes/No Flag Fields

  • 5 Memo Text Fields

  • 5 Searchable Fields

  • 5 Drop-down Fields

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