Configuring Custom Fields

Want to add bespoke fields to your CRM to help better segment your customers? Use our Customiser to add Custom Fields.

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Custom Fields enable you to customise your CRM system to reflect your business' processes.

You can configure Custom Fields at each level of the hierarchy (e.g. Contact, Opportunity or Problem level), where at each level, you can create up to 40 Custom Fields:

  • 10 Text/URL Fields (Varchar 200 characters)

  • 5 Number Fields (Decimal 30 characters)

  • 5 Date Selector Fields (DateTime)

  • 5 Yes/No Flag Fields (Bit)

  • 5 Memo Text Fields (Long Varchar)

  • 3 Searchable Fields (Varchar 200 characters)

  • 5 Drop-down Fields (Varchar 200 characters)


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Customise Record

To get started, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner on the record type that you wish to add a Custom Fields to e.g. on a Contact. Choose 'Customise' from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Add Field

You'll then be in edit mode, where you'll be presented with the CRM groups and field names. To add in a new field, click on the 'Add Field/Report' option from the appropriate group.

Step 3: Choose 'Add Fields'

You'll then be presented with two options; 'Add Fields' and 'Add Report'. Choose the 'Add Fields' option in this instance.

Step 4: Accessing Custom Fields

The main Contact fields will then be listed, but to access the Custom Fields, click 'Show More'.

Scroll down until you reach the Custom Fields option and click 'Add Custom Fields'.

Step 5: Choose Custom Field Type

You can then choose what type of custom field you wish to add. In this example, we'll add a new Custom Text field. 

As mentioned previously, you can add up to 10 Text Custom Fields. Simply give your new field a name and click 'Close'. 

The new field will then be available to select from the list of Contact Fields. Once happy with selection click 'OK'.

Step 6: Save Changes

Our new text field has now been added to the Details section! To save this change, click on the 'Save' icon in the top right-hand corner. Your new field will then be ready to be used by all CRM users. 

Note: The custom drop-down field doesn't have a limit on how many drop-down options you can add. However, only 50 will show in the drop-down when selecting in the CRM. You can still search for any remaining options not shown by typing into the field.

How to Add URL Custom Fields

If the Custom Field you're wishing to add will be used for links, for example as external documents or secondary websites, you can use the URL Custom Field. To create this follow the steps above and create a Text Custom Field.

Once the Text Custom Field has been created and added to the interface, select the spanner icon next to it. You'll then have the option to choose the format of the field and can switch this from Text to URL.

Now, save your changes!

The field will then display with a clickable button, which will open the URL in a new tab.

Looking to just rename an existing field, or change the layout of the CRM? Take a look at this article!

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