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Configuring Custom Enquiry Field Mappings
Configuring Custom Enquiry Field Mappings

This article outlines how to configure your custom enquiry field mappings for when converting an Enquiry to a CRM Record.

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Custom Enquiry Field Mappings allow you to specify which fields on an Enquiry should be mapped to which fields on a Company, Contact, Problem, Opportunity or Address when the Enquiry is being converted. This is useful if you have custom fields on your Enquiry or Enquiry Web Form and need these to map to standard or custom fields when converting the Enquiry to a Record.

Mapping is the process of deciding which fields are 'connected'. This will result in the data for the Enquiry fields to be moved over to the other Record when it is converted. If you collect custom data on an Enquiry that is not mapped, the data will stay on the Enquiry and will not show on the converted Record.

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Step 1: Navigate to System Settings

In the navigation menu, expand 'Settings' and select 'System Settings' and search for 'Custom Enquiry Field Mappings'. Click here to be taken straight there!

Select 'Click to Configure' to open the configuration box!

Step 2: Select the Record type you wish to configure

Expand the Record type where you wish to change the mappings for. In this example, I wish to change what Enquiry fields are mapped to a Contact when an Enquiry is converted to a Contact.

Step 3: Add a new mapping

Using the 'Add' button you can select an Enquiry field you wish to set up custom mappings for.

Here, we are going to map our custom Enquiry 'Department' field.

Once you have selected which Enquiry field you wish to map, you will be given a list of accepted Contact fields which can be mapped.

If the field you are looking for doesn't appear in the Record list, it means the two fields you are trying to map aren't compatible with each other. For example, a Flag custom field can't be mapped to the Phone Number field.

Now you have chosen which Contact field the Enquiry field needs to be connected with. You can save your choice and it will appear in the list of mapped fields for you to edit or remove.

Custom Enquiry mappings are only valid at the moment the Enquiry is converted. If a mapping is changed, any previously converted Enquiries will not update, the change will only apply to future conversions. Similarly if you add a new mapping, this will not retrospectively update any converted Enquiries.

Please Note: The default mappings will always apply when converting an Enquiry, unless specifically overridden by a custom one specified in the Custom Enquiry Field Mappings setting.

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