Onboarding New Users

Find out how to onboard new users to the CRM with our help resources and training services.

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Onboarding new users with the resources and training services provided by our team will help you accelerate the software adoption process and improve user activity. Find out more about onboarding and why it's essential for successful software adoption, or read on to learn how you can successfully onboard your new CRM users.

Where to Start

There are a number of resources available to new users but, before utilising our training services, they need to be added and welcomed to the CRM.

Inviting new users

Set up new users within the User Settings and modify the user's permissions based on their responsibilities. Find out how you can invite new users by visiting this article on Adding Users & Setting Permissions.

Welcoming new users

The Welcome Page introduces new users to key features available in the CRM, such as RFM Analysis and Magic Matrix, and offers some fundamental resources that cover the system basics.

To find the Welcome Page, navigate to 'Discover More' under the 'Settings' drop-down.

Our Online Resources

As well as within the system itself, you can find a variety of help resources and training programmes online to help onboard new users.

Prospect Academy

The Prospect Academy is a free, online resource to assist you at any stage in the onboarding process. Featuring step-by-step guides and videos, the CRM Academy helps your users understand the basics, then shows them how to leverage the more complex features available.

The Prospect Academy is a comprehensive resource that allows new users to progress from beginner to advanced as their understanding of the system improves - so it's a great starting point to familiarise new users with the software.

Help Docs

Help Docs take some of the most frequently asked questions and provide step-by-step help, written by CRM experts. This resource can be used by new users to explore a specific feature or system setting in detail, and is a platform to search for common queries that might arise during the onboarding process.


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Service Catalogue

Additional services are available from our Service Catalogue to help you get up and running. We'd recommend discussing this with a member of our team as part of your FlightPath.


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