Enabling Email Notifications

How to enable daily/weekly/monthly emails in your personal settings to get notified about key CRM activity.

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Get sent daily, weekly, or monthly emails notifying or reminding you about key activity in your CRM system. Whether it's upcoming Tasks, new customers that have been added, missing orders you need to chase, or on-hold/pending orders that need a resolution - decide what you want to hear about and how often!

Step 1: Go to Personal Settings

To update your personal settings, click on your avatar in the top-right hand corner of the CRM, or head to Personal Settings under Settings in the navigation menu.

Step 2: Enable/Disable Notifications

Simply enable or disable any that you're interested/uninterested in and set the frequency of updates.

Enabled by Default Notifications

By default, the "Enquiry assignments" notifications are enabled, so you get notified straight away about any Enquiries when they're assigned to you so you can follow up on them straight away.

My Customers Only Notifications

Choose to receive notifications where only you are the assigned Account Manager for new/all pending and on-hold orders - so you don't get notified about accounts that aren't customers you look after.

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