• You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Setting CRM Users as Account Managers

Here's how you set a CRM user as an Account Manager.

Step 1: Go to Admin Portal

Firstly, navigate to the Admin Portal via this link - this should take you straight to the Users page.

Step 2: Select a User

Click on the CRM user from the list that you'd like to make an Account Manager. Then, scroll down to the Per-Profile Access & Permissions section.

Step 3: Set as Account Manager

Simply tick the box 'List this user as an Account Manager' and don't forget to press 'Save Changes'.

Assigning Records to Account Managers

Now we've set a CRM user as an Account Manager, let's look at how to assign this Account Manager to a Company.

Step 1: Locate a Company Record

Search for the Company you're looking to assign an Account Manager to.

Step 2: Assign Account Manager

In the Details page and in the Categorisation tile, simply select an Account Manager from the drop-down list to assign them to this Company.

By assigning a CRM user as an Account Manager, they'll get access to other insights within the CRM like the Account Manager Dashboard.

Follow the steps in this article to set Account Manager restrictions.

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