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4 Scenarios for using Account Manger Restrictions
4 Scenarios for using Account Manger Restrictions

When you should be enabling CRM Account Manager Restrictions for your users.

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Account Manager Restrictions can be really useful in a number of Distributor or Manufacturing scenarios to ensure certain users only see the information you want them to see in the CRM.

We've highlighted four different scenarios in this article which would require Account Manager Restrictions within the CRM:

Scenario 1: External Sales Reps

Some businesses may employ external Sales Reps who spend most of their time working out on the road. In some cases, you may feel that Sales Reps shouldn't be able to access all of your customer information. Therefore, enabling Account Manager Restrictions will mean they only see the accounts that they're the Account Manager of. This will still allow the user to log in to the CRM and make the most of the RFM Analysis and Order Alerts to improve customer retention and order frequency - but for their assigned customers only.

Scenario 2: Geographical Account Managers

Another scenario of where Account Manager Restrictions are useful is if your Account Managers are allocated customers based on geographical location, forming different sales territories. Due to competition between Account Manager territories, you may need to enable Account Manager Restrictions, so that the Account Managers can only see their own accounts.

Scenario 3: New Employees

Another example of where you might want to use these restrictions is for newly recruited employees who haven't been working at your company for very long. In this instance, it may be important to restrict what information they need to see within the CRM to begin with e.g. until their probation period has ended. You can do this by assigning the required companies to the new employee using the Account Manager field, so they're only able to see these accounts.

Scenario 4: Sensitive Data

A final example of where Account Manager Restrictions can be useful, is if your business stores sensitive data. It may be imperative that account managers can only see information about their own if there's confidential data being stored elsewhere in your CRM.

For help on how to set up Account Manager Restrictions within the CRM, take a look at our this article.

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