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Configure Account Manager Restrictions
Configure Account Manager Restrictions

This article outlines how to restrict users to only be able to access the records of customers that they manage.

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By setting Account Manager restrictions, users can then only access records they're the Account Manager of.


Step 1: Go to Settings Centre

Go to the User Management section of System Settings, found here. This will give you a list of all Users where you can 'Show Details' of the User you wish to add Account Manager settings to.

Step 2: Enabling Account Manager Restrictions

Once within the CRM user's settings, you can view their CRM permissions as well as Account Manager Restrictions. Firstly, the User must already be an Account Manager and then you can tick to have them restricted by Account Manager.

Now your User can only see data for Companies they are set as the Account Manager for. If they do not have any Companies for which they are Account Managers then they will not see Customer data in the CRM. An Admin can assign Companies to this user from the Account Manager dropdown or by using our Bulk Updater tool which can be reviewed here.

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