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Adding Users to Restricted Dictionary
Adding Users to Restricted Dictionary

The Restricted Dictionary allows you to remove Margin & Cost Price fields from certain user's view.

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The Restricted Dictionary allows you to remove Cost Price and Margin from certain user's views within the CRM. Restricted Dictionary is assigned via User Management.

When a User is under the Restricted Dictionary then the Cost Price will be hidden when viewing Product Records but also hidden when viewing Products on a Quote. As they are hidden it also means the fields can't be changed by the User.


  • You'll need CRM Organisational Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Navigate to User Management

Firstly, navigate to the Users page on your CRM via this link, and click on the user you wish to restrict by clicking on their name.

You can also reach the Users setting by clicking on Settings, then Users like the image below:

Step 2: Assign Restricted Dictionary

Once you have selected the user, you will be provided with a pop-up page of the User's current profile settings. Scroll down and click on the Manage User Settings button.

This will take you to the Users Permissions area and next to the Customisation Dictionary option, select 'Restricted Dictionary' from the drop-down to assign the user to the restricted view.

Please Note: The Restricted Dictionary only hides the Cost Price and Margin of Products. It does not restrict them from editing prices of Products on Quote Lines.

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