There's a lot of information which can be stored within the CRM, so it's important to know how to search for and locate it. 

The Global Search allows you to search through all levels of the hierarchy, from Company through to Product Items - all in one search window. 

In this example, we've searched for ‘Browns’ using the Global Search located in the top right-hand corner. Using this search term, the CRM has returned relevant results for all levels of the hierarchy.  

Any of those records containing the word ‘Browns’ will be displayed. This includes any Problems or Opportunities which have been created under a record with the word ‘Browns’ in. It'll also include any records which are a child of a record with ‘Browns’ in. Clicking on the name of the record or selecting ‘View’ will open up the record in full. 

The search results also include some brief information about each of the records. For example, for Divisions it states the Sales Ledger.


To help narrow down your search, you can select which records you want displaying in the search results. This is done by selecting from the icons located at the top of the search.

Within the search results, you can also expand the different record types by clicking 'Show More'. 

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