A Business Contact should be used when creating a brand new company within your CRM and a Contact that works for that business. Before creating any new records within the CRM, always use the Global Search to ensure you're not creating any duplicate records.

Step 1: Use Global Add

To create a new Business Contact, click on the global add button in the top-right hand corner and select 'Business Contact'.

You'll then be presented with the New Business Contact record screen. Here, you can fill out relevant information about the new Business Contact. 

  • Email: By typing in the Contact's email address, the social searching will try to obtain information about that Contact across various social media platforms to auto-fill the rest of the fields if possible. 

  • Company Name: This will be the business' parent Company name, which will likely be the same as the Division name. 

  • Company Type: The Company Type is used to determine the type of relationship this business has with your business e.g. Supplier, Prospect or Customer.

  • Company Account Manager: The Account Manager will be the person at your business who'll be managing them.

  • Division Operating Company: If you have multiple operating companies then you will need to ensure the correct one is selected.

  • Division Website: If you're unsure of the business' website URL, then you can use a search engine to find it, and copy/paste it into this CRM field. 

  • Division Phone Number: This phone number should be the business' mainline/switchboard number. Again, this can usually be found on the business' website.

  • Contact Information (Title, Name, Preferred Name & Salutation): If you're unsure of this information then you should try to obtain this once created, but as a minimum, you need to input the Contact's surname.

  • Role: Use the drop-down to show what this person does at the company.

  • Job Title: This is a free text field allowing you to record their exact job title. You can usually find this on LinkedIn or in their email signature. 

  • Mobile: You can record the customer's mobile number if you'd like to.

Step 2: Add an Address

Finally, you can then click 'Add Address' at the bottom of the screen, where you can use the postcode look up to record the business' address. 

Once happy with all the information recorded, click create and your new Business Contact will be added to the CRM!

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