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Release Notes: V114
Release Notes: V114

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 114 (December 2023).

Written by Martin Clark
Updated over a week ago

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Please note: We use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few days or weeks.

🤔 Enquiry Kanban Mode

We’ve added a Kanban mode for Enquiry Reports and a new Enquiries Pipeline Dashboard to make it super easy to visualise, manage sand progress your marketing leads. This new layout makes this powerful feature even easier to use, so if you're not yet using Enquiries and Web Forms then there's never been a better time to start!

The layout will attempt to show relevant information on the card, or will show the summary field where more relevant fields (such as Company or Contact name) aren't populated.

🔗 Enquiry Unlink Button

There's now a button on converted Enquiries that will allow you to unlink them from the records they’re associated with so you can convert them again into a different record. Note: that this won't delete any records created as part of an earlier conversion process.

🐛 Other Enhancements & Fixes

  • Enquiry conversion will now filter Opportunities and Problems based on the Contact or Company selected in the first drop-down (if populated).

  • Updated CRM data imports to never send notification emails as part of the import process to prevent scenarios like sending thousands of “Enquiry assigned” emails when importing new Enquiries.

  • You can now pin notes when creating them (rather than having to create first and then pin after).

  • The Unleashed salesperson is now imported against Unleashed Sales Orders for improved analysis and reporting.

  • Updated the upcoming product tour records based on feedback from private preview trials.

  • Quote memo field is now pushed to Cin7 internal comments when confirming order to Cin7 Omni.

  • You can now disable pinned documents appearing first at a particular level of the hierarchy.

  • Credit limit now shows on Pegasus Opera and Exchequer ledgers.

  • The “Restore” button no longer shows for merged records since they couldn't be sensibly restored.

  • Clarified some system option descriptions and added extra keywords.

  • Added the ability to set the sequence when importing items into product groups.

  • Fix a bug that prevented the creation of ledgers with two-way sync enabled.

  • Fixed various memory leaks.

  • Fixed some potential deadlocks in GetIntegrationState calls.

  • Fixed a bug related to the casing of DefaultDivisionId.

  • Fixed a bug where the defaulting of fields on ledger creation could bypass things like field length limits.

  • Fixed a bug where orders wouldn't appear in the activity for B2C Contacts.

  • Fixed system option values truncating to 128 characters.

  • Fixed a bug where SaveToCRM could get stuck while logging in.

  • Fixed a bug where the task popup wouldn’t allow the “Clear Task” option sometimes, even when it was valid.

  • Fixed a UI bug where the Opportunity-Quote pipeline wouldn't show the correct value if a Quote was created in a “closed” state.

  • Fixed a bug where deleted additional emails would be used by the pinned documents menu.

  • Fixed a bug where documents couldn't have their Parent changed to an Equipment item.

  • Fixed a bug where Reports would show an “Editable” toggle for fields that shouldn't be edited.

  • Fixed a bug where line breaks in memo fields would be ignored when inserting them into emails.

  • Fixed a bug where Cin7 would have all product variation sizes obsoleted except for the last one imported.

  • Fixed a bug where switching currencies with Unleashed pricing could cause the wrong exchange rates to be used.

  • Fixed a bug where some fields wouldn't appear in the Word Add-in as find and replace fields.

  • Fixed a bug where search history entries wouldn't escape slash symbols in the search term.

  • Fixed a bug where data sets wouldn’t trigger OData Lite compatibility checks.

  • Fixed the currency symbol on sales ledger YTD values.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Katana items to import as non-stocked.

  • Fixed a bug in the CMS that caused the website history to be incorrect when using the back button with the .net groups plugin.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from customising fields in that they'd previously removed.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from selecting or editing product groups that contained a slash in their group code.

  • Fixed a bug in the CMS order history plugin where it would crash if the stock level was null.

  • Fixed a bug with rounding of certain VAT rates in Unleashed.

  • Added support for functions in OData Lite.

  • The SaveToCRM manifest xml file will now download by default instead of opening.

  • Added some logging for which SSO providers are being used to improve support and usage metrics.

  • Enabled malware scanning on the CMS filecache for improved security on CMS websites.

  • Upgraded CRM to use latest version of Vue 2.x.

  • Migrated OData to run as an Azure app service.

  • Migrated portal web apps to run as an Azure app service.

  • Migrated remaining database management functions to run as an Azure app service.

  • Migrated queuing manager to run as an Azure app service.

  • Improved the networking performance for Azure app service plans.

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