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Feedback Portal

This article outlines the use of the Feedback Portal, how to access it and how to add an idea.

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The Feedback Portal is a place where new ideas, product feedback and suggestions can be logged and tracked. You're also able to search for other ideas and see the progress of these, including comments and information from the Developers working on them. The Feedback Portal uses a voting system to ensure we're making popular changes that will benefit the majority of our customers!

So far, we've implemented over 400 suggestions logged solely in the Feedback Portal including some huge feature revamps like our Tasks and Calendar feature (read more on the improvements to this here)! To see other ideas we've implemented, check out this section of the Feedback Portal.

Accessing the Feedback Portal

The Feedback Portal can be accessed directly from this link. Alternatively, you can access it from within the CRM by selecting the question mark icon in the top right-hand corner of your Workspace, and then choosing ‘Product Suggestions’.

Using the Feedback Portal


By default, the Feedback Portal shows you the trending Ideas. Simply use the filters, sorts and search to find suggestions.

In the top right-hand corner, you can use the 'Sort By' and 'Filter' options. There is also a keyword search along the top of the page where you can enter a search query to help you find an existing idea. 

You can sort the suggestions in the Feedback Portal by "Recent", "Trending" and "Popular" suggestions, then filter by their status.

On the left of the Feedback Portal page, there are more filtering options which you can use to further narrow down your search results.

The top section refers to ideas you've submitted, voted on, or subscribed to. You can then also filter by the status which has been set against your idea or the category it was originally logged under. This is a great way to check on all of the ‘Planned’ or ‘Shipped’ ideas to see what new features have been introduced, or are about to be introduced.

You'll receive emails for any ideas you've voted for so you can get immediate updates from our Developers on its progress. But, if you'd prefer not to receive these updates, simply press ‘Subscribe’ on the idea itself which should untick. 

Logging New Feedback

To log new feedback, navigate to the top left hand-side of the Feedback Portal and select 'Add a New Idea'.

You can now input details about the feedback or suggestion.

The more information you can enter here, including files, images, screenshots or videos, the easier it will be for our Product team to assess and review your idea. 

Once you've shared your idea, you'll then be emailed about any alterations which take place or if comments get added to it. This makes it easy to see the progress of ideas you've logged and what status they're currently in. 

Voting On & Adding Comments

Once you've logged your suggestion or found another idea that you're interested in, you can vote for this idea and add comments to it for our Product team to see. 

You'll notice a ‘Vote’ area with the total number of votes associated with it on the left-hand side of all ideas. 

Once you've voted for an idea, it'll then be highlighted in blue to help differentiate it from other ideas.

Once you click on an idea, it'll give you more information about it, as well as the ability to add comments to it. You can do this even if the idea isn't on you logged. These comments could be supporting evidence on a subject or an additional feature which may be useful as part of the idea in question as well as showing the Product team you're interested. 

Please note: our Product team love to hear your ideas as it helps shape our product roadmap. So, encourage your team to use the Feedback Portal as much as possible - you might discover an idea that you love! We prioritise some of the most voted ideas and would recommend that users vote on multiple ideas instead of using all their votes on just one or two ideas. The team will prioritise ideas that are in line with our target audience and wider business objectives.

Product Improvement Process

The Feedback Portal is an integral part of our Product team's development process. In twice-monthly review meetings our Founder and Product team read every new idea logged since the last review, and often respond asking for clarity or often suggesting features that already exist, or suggesting workarounds. They also actively dedupe and merge new ideas, which then also merges the votes and helps to ensure that multiple requests for the same thing turns into one idea with lots of votes so that we get a clearer picture of what's important to you!

Alongside our Feedback Portal, we're also busy running user experience reviews, competitor analysis, and market research. This is so when the Product team review internal and customer feedback, we're prioritising features that are going to have a positive impact on the CRM. A great example of this process is our Klaviyo marketing integration - after seeing multiple ideas and lots of votes asking for Mailchimp alternatives, they pro-actively surveyed customers to find out what digital marketing platforms were in-use or most popular amongst our user base. This directly resulted in the development of Klavyio integration!

Note: whilst we aim to take on as much Customer feedback as possible, with a relatively small Product and Development team we can't respond or implement every suggestion added to the Feedback Portal.

Ideas Marked as Planned - What Next?

If you notice an idea or get an email notifying you that it's been placed in the status of 'Planned' this means we've chosen to implement it!

Our Developers work in 3 week development sprints which consist of actual coding, QA (Quality Assurance testing) and Functional testing. However, the whole improvement process is much longer as we always run at least 1 week 'in-house' testing of new versions. If it's a large feature we're implementing, we might also run beta testing to a select few customers before it's rolled out globally. So, whilst it's good news your suggestion is planned, we thank you for your patience in waiting for its full release.

Is it a Bug or an Idea/Suggestion?

We have a well-established Zero Bugs Policy, meaning we prioritise any bug fixes in all our development sprints and work to ensure we're continuously improving the software.

According to Wikipedia, "a software bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.". This is the same approach we take for deciding whether an item is a bug or an idea/suggestion.

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