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Release Notes: V103
Release Notes: V103

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 103 (April-May 2023).

Written by Martin Clark
Updated over a week ago

Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

🏗 Basic Company CRM <> ERP Sync for Unleashed

We now support a basic 2-way sync of Company data into Unleashed. With this feature enabled (see below) supported fields are automatically synced when changed in either CRM or Unleashed.

Supported fields are currently:

  • Division.Name

  • Division.PhoneNumber

  • Division.Website

  • Division.AccountManager

More fields will be added in due course but supporting more fields (such as the full customer address) requires some fairly significant updates to the Unleashed API.

We'll also be aiming to roll this out to other ERP/Inventory Management systems after getting any relevant feedback from the Unleashed user base.

This 2-way sync is enabled via a System Setting. Once enabled, outbound sync (CRM changes being pushed to Unleashed) should be immediate. Inbound sync will be done as part of the imports that run approximately every 15 minutes. Account Manager syncing can be enabled separately and, if enabled, it'll no longer be possible to select Account Managers that don't have a matching user in Unleashed.

🌟 Create Lookup Values from the Data Importer

You can now click a “Create” button in the Data Importer to create missing lookup or drop-down values. This button should be available for all fields that render as drop-downs in the user interface and have a “Configure” option. This new feature will make it much easier and faster to complete your data imports, without requiring you to navigate to the System Settings and update missing lookup values.

🎫 Create Problems from Enquiries

As well as converting Enquiries to an Opportunity or Contact, you can now convert an Enquiry to a Problem. Use Enquiry Web Forms on your website to capture customer issues, queries or complaints, and automatically feed them into Prospect CRM as Enquiries. Your customer service team can then review, qualify and convert them into Problems and then track these issues all the way to a successful resolution for your customer.

📦 Product Attributes in Word/PDF Quote Table

We've now added the ability to show product attributes in the Word/PDF Quote table. Simply select the attributes from the "Add Columns" option when creating or updating a Quote table to add it to the table as a new column. Attributes can be things like the colour or size of a product, so if you use attributes, then seeing this information against each product in the Quote can be really useful for your customer.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Added a “RecordLink” field to all major reporting entities. This can be used in Excel exports to provide a hyperlink from the Excel spreadsheet back to the CRM record.

  • Added Cin7 customer groups import for B2C classification. The import populates the customer types table, which allows records with a given customer group value to be flagged as B2C automatically.

  • Improved handling of {} symbols in emails and documents where those symbols are not part of a system find and replace field.

  • Added a default robots.txt output for the CMS to throttle and block some problematic or aggressive bots.

  • Fixed a spelling error in the CMS delivery address plugin.

  • Fixed various scenarios where the CMS would fail to execute domain or error redirects.

  • Added support for image padding colour to the CMS product item image URL.

  • Fixed a bug where read-only delivery addresses would not have a read-only country drop-down in the CMS.

  • Fixed a bug in the CMS where product categories with non-ASCII characters in them would show as "?".

  • Improved CMS site variable evaluation to permit recursive variables.

  • Clarified the “Default cost price” System Setting text to state when it'll take effect.

  • Fixed an error when converting records to B2C despite having the correct delete permissions.

  • Fixed the “Accounts order status” field not respecting the read-only flag on Quotes.

  • Fixed the DEAR Inventory tab on B2C Contacts listing the wrong currency.

  • Fixed a typo in the B2C > B2B bulk update dialog.

  • Improved the handling of creating Companies without a parent. These will now be created as single Companies.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the currency drop-down to crash while loading on sales ledger creation.

  • Fixed an issue where custom fields structure would not be immediately available when converting Contacts to B2B.

  • Fixed an incorrect font being used on engagement emails when viewed on web Outlook.

  • Fixed an issue where attachments would not be included when clicking the email “Forward” button in CRM.

  • Fixed a bug where the "Invite Users" screen wouldn't detect a problem with the email address if it contained a space.

  • Fixed an issue where non-Admin users would be presented with the option to update product images despite not having permission.

  • Fixed a bug where product item categories would have an “open detail” button when shown in the parent selector, despite not having a detail definition.

  • Fixed a UI big with the app navigation menu overflowing the bottom of the screen on small displays.

  • Fixed a bug where user roles wouldn't sync immediately if a role was removed for a user with capital letters in their email.

  • Fixed invalid default filter in “Sellable products not sold” Report.

  • Fixed an inconsistency with Unleashed pricing where we were converting prices into the users currency instead of just taking the value and changing the symbol.

  • Fixed a bug where the sales ledger customer type field would not show on Reports.

  • Fixed a bug that caused email HTML to be corrupted in some circumstances when switching between different email templates.

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