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Release Notes: V108
Release Notes: V108

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 108 (August 2023).

Written by Martin Clark
Updated over a week ago

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Please note: We use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few days or weeks.

📆 Kanban Month View

In the last release, we introduced you to the new Kanban mode for Opportunity Reports, and in this release we've made some further enhancements! You can now create an Opportunity Kanban Report grouped by estimated close month instead of status. This works in a similar way to the status Kanban and allows you to drag and drop cards between months to set the estimated close date.

🧮 Configurable Kanban Column Totals

Our next enhancement for the Kanban mode in this release - the "totals" in Kanban columns can now be configured via the grouping and summary screen on a Report.

📦 Product Category Filter when Searching for Products to Add to a Quote

When adding products to a Quote via the multi line entry screen, you can now filter the product list by category. Plus, when initially loaded, the screen will now automatically return all items in that category - without having to enter a search term.

Not sure where to find this screen? just click the "Add Products" button at the top of the Quote Lines grid, or the Search More at the end of the quick search popup when adding Quote Lines.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • The Report Builder now displays data type information on the field selection screen to help users identify the right field to add to their Report.

  • The self-help Academy site now offers to search the full Help Docs portal - not just those included in the Academy site itself.

  • The customer type field on the Sales Ledger record in CRM is now synchronised with the equivalent field in Unleashed in both directions.

  • The Salesperson is now pushed through to Cin7 Omni sales orders.

  • Delivered quantity, delivery date and due date are now populated in the purchase order table in CRM for Unleashed integrations.

  • The record history audit log now records Quote status changes.

  • The datacenter specific API URL is now displayed on the tokens page to help users and developers use the correct API endpoint (which is datacentre / region specific).

  • Links in the file library can now be set to “Public” and will appear on the CMS library files plugin.

  • “Pack” information is now hidden for non-stocked products.

  • All stock information is set to null for non-stocked products.

  • Some demo data changes have been made to make our products more generic for non-product businesses taking a free trial.

  • Added “Prospect CMS” to the list of integrations on the Integrations page.

  • Improved the layout and spacing of Kanban cards and columns to optimise the use of sometimes limited screen space.

  • Added the ability to filter the Magic Matrix by sales ledger customer type.

  • Removed “Preview” from various features that are no longer in Preview.

  • Removed the now obsolete mandatory surname/Last Name option.

  • Fixed a bug where images from previous product groups would linger when navigating to a new group.

  • Fixed an issue where marking a B2C Contact as deleted wouldn't mark its parent Company as deleted.

  • Removed bulk restore option from records where this feature was not supported.

  • Fixed a bug where cloud integrations would fail to retrieve all Quote lines if there were more than 500 on an order.

  • Fixed a bug where the Enquiry Web Form results block would format incorrectly if there was HTML present in a field name.

  • Fixed a bug in the Enquiry Web Forms editor where the field class name would disappear after being saved.

  • Fixed a rounding issue with Prospect Pricing when specifying prices in the customer’s currency.

  • Added additional logging to email sending to record the reason confirmation emails aren't sent.

  • Resolved a bug that prevented deleted invoices from being imported from Unleashed.

  • Fixed a crash where spreadsheet imports could crash due to rounding errors on very small numbers.

  • Fixed crash that would happen on the "Needs Engagement" tile with brand new sales ledgers.

  • Added currency mask to sales ledger year to date fields.

  • Improved logging for DEAR Inventory (Cin7 Core) requests that result in 400 bad request.

  • Reviewed and standardised the use of (?) and (i) icons for help links and tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue where the bulk delete option would appear for users without delete permissions.

  • Fixed a console error that could happen when changing the parent of an Opportunity.

  • Fixed an issue where Contacts with the “Left company” status couldn't be granted permissions via the User Management screen.

  • Import related fields are now hidden and read only.

  • Fixed a race condition that could cause identity sync to revoke users immediately after creation.

  • Significantly improved the performance of identity sync.

  • Improved the validation of email addresses on the User Management "Add Users" screen.

  • Resolved an issue where missing customer creation could fail if there were an extremely large number of customers needing to be created.

  • Resolved supplier import settings appearing for Accounting Systems that didn't support this feature.

  • Resolves some inconsistencies with the name of the mobile phone number field on different entities.

  • Fixed an issue where the Enquiry Web Form data block would display incorrectly if the field name or field data included a very long string.

  • Improved Single Company data syncing to ensure that the Company name is always set to match the Company name at the point of Company creation.

  • Improved error handling for Katana “invalid_grant” errors during order confirmation to inform users that they need to reconnect their Katana account.

  • Resolved a bug where the Magic Matrix would say “manually overridden” in situations where this was no longer the case.

  • Fixed some scrolling issues on the Data Importer page.

  • Fixed a bug where the Magic Matrix override statuses wouldn't apply if the customer had never had a Magic Matrix status for that category in the past.

  • Customers are no longer permitted to remove the last remaining CRM Admin on their account and lock themselves out.

  • Fixed a bug with Save to CRM not showing the correct description for recently accessed Problems.

  • Fixed a bug where the “search settings” link in the Global Search wouldn't update the search term if the settings screen was already open.

  • Fixed a bug where tag in Mailchimp and add to Klaviyo list options didn't observe report text filters.

  • Fixed a bug where the “Open in Unleashed” button wouldn't work immediately after a ledger was created.

  • Fixed a bug where an Unleashed default tax rate could be imported that wasn't permitted for sales.

  • Removed the ability to click on the name in User Management to view permissions since this automatically grants permissions to unlicensed users and this behaviour was unclear.

  • Fixed a console error when viewing a document with attachments that weren't saved in CRM.

  • Fixed a permission issue that prevented some users from setting notifications to “my customers only”.

  • Fixed an issue where temporary ledgers would be included in new customer notifications.

  • Fixed a crash when the record audit attempted to log records with special characters in the primary key.

  • Fixed a bug where additional <br> tags would be added to the product specification field, particularly around bullet points.

  • Clarified the wording of the Klaviyo sync setting.

  • Fixed a bug where the Magic Matrix menu item wouldn’t show on first load.

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