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Release Notes: V101
Release Notes: V101

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 101 (March 2023).

Written by Martin Clark
Updated over a week ago

Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

👍 Daily/Weekly/Monthly Notifications by Email

Get sent daily, weekly, or monthly emails notifying or reminding you about key activity in your CRM system. Whether it's upcoming Tasks, new customers that have been added, missing orders you need to chase, or on-hold/pending orders that need a resolution - decide what you want to hear about and how often!

Right now, these notifications are in Preview, so are initially switched off for all users while we do live testing and get user feedback. In due course a "default selection" of notifications will be turned on for all users. But at this early stage you can still get involved, give them a try and send us your feedback.

Simply head over to your personal notification settings and turn on any that you're interested in and the frequency of updates.

Provide feedback

Try them out

🔑 Access Single Sign On (SSO)

You can now sign in to Prospect CRM using an Access Workspace account. If you aren't using single sign on (SSO), then you definitely should be! Whether you want to use the new Access login, your Xero login, an Office 365 or Google login - SSO is faster, more convenient and more secure. In fact, the best option is to head to the domains configuration and enforce SSO for all your users via an identity system that all your users have (typically Office 365 or GSuite).

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Duplicate Detection on Customer Records Imported from ERP

OK...this is less straight-forward than it sounds, so bear with us!

First of all, if you always create your ERP/Inventory Management/Accounting system ledgers/accounts from the CRM (our recommended workflow) then you don't need this feature! This feature has been created for anyone who is regularly creating new customer records both in the CRM and in their ERP system, and is therefore potentially creating duplicates between the two systems.

So, if that's you, there's a new system option that you can turn on to try and detect these scenarios and avoid automatically creating duplicate CRM records. If a new account/ledger is imported and there isn't already a CRM Company record linked to that account/ledger, then the CRM will look for a potential match. If it finds a Company with the exact same name and postcode, then the (potentially) duplicate CRM Company won't be created. Instead, an email will be sent to alert someone of this. A banner on the ledger screen will also highlight this scenario and will prompt the user to resolve the potential duplicate. Resolution involves either connecting this account/ledger to the existing CRM Company, or marking it as not a duplicate so that CRM Company creation process will run as normal.

To configure this new option, head to the System Settings here.

🐛 Other Updates & Fixes

  • Changing the parent of a record will now add a note to that record.

  • Converting a record between B2B and B2C will add a note to that record.

  • Added the ability to specify a default pipeline per level in the Problem Analysis Matrix.

  • Improved the performance of the system when rendering large numbers of user avatars at once.

  • Rephrased the “Use own styling” tick box on Enquiry Web Forms and added a help tooltip to make this clearer and easier to use.

  • Added an import of analysis codes from Xero for Unleashed systems when using Xero as a secondary connection, and added the ability to specify this when pushing new accounts to Unleashed.

  • Updated the stock availability in the products drop-down to show stock for the selected warehouse, if one is selected on the Quote.

  • Improved the performance of the lead times CMS product item option.

  • Fixed a crash when confirming an order into DEAR Inventory with a zero value delivery charge.

  • Added tracking for originating IP Addresses and User Agents for CMS requests routed via FrontDoor.

  • Updated the colour of the “Download” and “Close” buttons on the Excel export modal to make them more consistent with other screens.

  • You can now specify the exact dimensions of additional product images you require in the CMS product item plugin.

  • Updated the CMS product group images endpoint to mark images as deleted if a given image is not found when requested from the CMS gateway.

  • Improved performance and load balancing of cloud ERP/Inventory/Accounts system integrations.

  • Updated the product groups plugin to allow a specific page to be used for serving the group data, rather than the current page, to improve caching.

  • Fixed drop-downs sometimes rendering in the wrong location if the window has been scrolled.

  • Fixed a bug where the CMS would fail to display a “no image” image if the format was set to WebP.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the email parser to incorrectly pick HTML elements from the email body as the from address if a from address was not present in the forward header.

  • Fixed a crash when trying to modify Tags via bulk update.

  • Added special character filtering in the UI to prevent control characters from being submitted by users.

  • Fixed some missing translations that appeared when customising documents and Quote lines.

  • Fixed a bug where removing the email field from a contact prevented quick create emails from showing in the menu.

  • Fixed a bug where special category prices would display the wrong category if the actual category had been made obsolete.

  • Fixed a bug where required fields were not enforced via the CMS send email plugin with reCAPTCHA.

  • Fixed a bug where the HTML editor would crop some buttons off the bottom of the screen.

  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances opening the detail slideover of a description only Quote line would cause a crash.

  • Fixed a bug where non-Admin users would be offered to configure a secondary connection in the UI despite not having permission.

  • Fixed a missing toaster translation when successfully exporting a report to Excel.

  • Fixed a bug where the insufficient permissions modal wouldn't show when converting a B2B Contact if there are multiple Contacts under the Company.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the product groups import from working due to the incorrect validation of the “Action” field.

  • Fixed crash when customising Quote line page.

  • Fixed crash when restoring a Quote that was previously in a status that is no longer present in its pipeline (due to the pipeline being edited between cancelling and then restoring the Quote).

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to edit templates via the create document template preview image.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom drop-downs from displaying any options when added to the Business Contact creation screen.

  • Resolved a bug that prevented Companies from being created from DEAR Inventory records if one of the customers had an excessive number of Contacts.

  • Fixed a case sensitivity issue when displaying the tax code for Unleashed ledgers.

  • Fixed a bug where B2C Contacts could be created under B2B Companies if the UI was customised to add a B2C Contact creation button at Company level.

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