How to Re-order Products

Learn two quick ways to place repeat sales orders through the CRM.

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Placing a repeat Sales Order doesn't need to be a lengthy process! Here are two ways to quickly and efficiently re-order products.

Option #1: Copy Historic CRM Sales Orders

Step 1: Create Sales Order

The first way to re-order products is using the 'Based On' functionality, which enables you to copy historic CRM Sales Orders. This can be found at the initial stage of creating a Sales Order.

Navigate to the Global Create at the top right of the page and select 'Sales Order'. For further help on creating Sales Orders, click here.

Step 2: Select Previous Order

From here, you can enter the order details, and can use the 'Based On' drop-down.

By selecting this, you can search for previous orders and quotations in the CRM.

Once you've found the order you'd like to copy, simply select it to bring up a list of the products on the historic order. You can then untick any products that you don't wish to copy.

Step 3: Recalculate Pricing & Discounts

You also get the option to recalculate pricing and discounts. If selected, this will recalculate all the pricing and discounts based on the price tier being used. To change the default setting for recalculating pricing and discounts, follow the steps in this guide.

Step 4: Confirm & Create

Once you click 'Confirm', it'll appear on the 'Based On' drop-down menu.

Then select 'Create' to create the Sales Order!

Option #2: Select Products from Recently Purchased Search

You can also search for recently purchased products within the Sales Order when adding products.

Step 1: Create Sales Order

Navigate to the Global Create at the top right of the page and select 'Sales Order'.

Step 2: Search for Product

Under the Products area, click into the search bar. From here, you'll be able to select 'Recently Purchased' to search through recently purchased products only.

Step 3: Update Quantities & Add

Simply type in the quantities of the products you wish to re-order, and click 'Add and Close' to continue with processing the Sales Order.

Unsure how to confirm a Sales Order through to your Inventory Management/Accounting System? Click here to learn how!

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