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Default Setting for Recalculating Pricing & Discounts
Default Setting for Recalculating Pricing & Discounts

How to turn on the Default Setting for Recalculating Pricing & Discounts when Copying Products from other Quotes.

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Copying products from other Quotes is useful if you need to duplicate a Quote for another customer, saving you time re-keying the product and pricing details. When you copy the products, you can recalculate the pricing and discounts based on the information imported from your Accounting or Inventory Management system. This is particularly helpful if the Quote is old, as the pricing could be out of date. You can default this to always be selected in case users forget to tick this option. 


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Go to Settings Centre

To default the Price and Discount recalculation, go to the Settings Centre by selecting System Settings in the navigation menu, and search for 'price and discount'. 

Step 2: Select 'Enabled'

Simply click the 'Enabled' button, then going forward, the Recalculate Pricing and Discounts options will always be enabled when copying products from other Quotes! 

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