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Allow Editable Descriptions, Prices & Discounts on Quotes
Allow Editable Descriptions, Prices & Discounts on Quotes

We'll show you how to enable editing of certain fields on the line of a Quote.

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Once you have created a Quote and added products to it, you are able to edit certain sections of information directly from the 'Quote Lines' section. This allows you to easily change the Discount of the Quote lines without needing to leave the Quote.

Step 1: Navigate to the Product section

Within a Quote, navigate to the Product's section. In the top right corner of the Product's section, select the 'cog' icon, for settings.

Clicking on the cog icon will open the settings options shown below. 

It is then simply a case of selecting which options you want to be editable. 

The available options for fields that are editable on Quote Lines are:

  • Editable description - description of the Product on the Quote Line.

  • Editable price - Price of the Product for the Quote.

  • Editable discount - Discount added to the Product for the Quote.

  • Editable cost - The cost of the Product for the Quote.

You will now be able to edit those values from the 'Quote Line' section.

Please Note: If you have removed these fields and re-added them, this setting will no longer be respected. This results in the editable toggle being on but the field not being editable. To resolve this, please use the 'Reset to Default' option in the further options menu in the top right of the Products section.


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