Creating a Sales Order is very straight forward in the CRM. You can create a Sales Order against a Division, Contact, Opportunity and Problem. 

Step 1: Select Sales Order

When you are on any of these records, simply select the '+' icon and choose 'Sales Order' from the drop-down options. 

Step 2: Input information

Once you've selected the Sales Order option from the drop-down, a New Sales Order window will open where you can start to log information about this order.

Within the Sales Order creation window, it asks for minimal information where you need to select the currency you wish to sell the items in and if you would like to base the order on a template Quote. 

Once happy with the information inputted, click Create!

Currency: By default, this will be set as ‘Home Currency’. However, this can be altered if additional currencies are added from within the Admin Tables. 

Customer Order Reference: In addition to the unique order reference which is created automatically when the record is first made, shown below, you can also add an additional reference if required by the customer. 

Order Due Date: This field gets pushed through to your back-office system once an order has been confirmed and becomes the delivery or order due date. 

Status: This will show which status the order is currently in. There are three different statuses a Sales Order could have; Confirm (Into Accounts), Keep for Later (Draft) or Discard (Cancel).

Adding Products to a Sales Order:

At the bottom of the Sales Order document is the section where you can add products to the Quote. It will also display any products which have already been added to the Quote.


The products which you can search for will come from your back-office system and contain whatever description and price details have been set against them. 

Step 1: Search for a product

Clicking on the ‘Search for a product’ section, shown above, will allow you to look for any products which have been imported from the accounts system. Alternatively, you can select ‘Search…’ from the drop-down which will take you to an additional window, shown below. 

Searching for products works in the same way as searching for a record in the CRM -you do not have to type the whole name of the product for it to be returned. 

Step 2: Add quantity values

Once the search results have been returned you can then add quantity values for any of the required products. These are then added to the Sales Order by selecting ‘Add’ at the bottom of the window. 

Step 3: Click Confirm!

Once you have the products and the values added, you can then confirm the order into the accounting system. Please note: You must have a Sales Ledger set up before you can confirm the order. 

Step 4: Add a delivery address

On the left of the Sales Order record there is a tab for ‘Address’. This is where delivery addresses can be entered. 

Depending on the settings within the CRM it will either default to the address for the Sales Ledger, the Division or the Contact. By clicking on ‘Select Address’ it will allow you to search for a different address or add a unique one. 

If you enter a postcode or area into the ‘Search for address…’ section it will return a list of available addresses and if one is selected then it will automatically populate the address fields. 

There is also a section to enter any ‘Delivery Notes’ which need to be displayed. 

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