The Unleashed Delivery Method is used to determine the customer's choice of delivery. The Delivery Method within Unleashed is sometimes also integrated to a third party delivery provider. You can set the Delivery Method for orders confirmed via the CRM by adding it to CRM Quotes and Sales Orders.

Step 1: Navigate to a Quote or Sales Order

Find a Quote or Sales Order in Prospect, and click the further options menu (three dots) in the top-right hand corner. Select 'Customise' to add the Delivery Method to the record layouts for both Quotes and Sales Orders within the CRM.

Step 2: Add Field to Record Layout

Click the 'Add Field/Report' button from the section that you wish to add the Delivery Method to. Our recommendation would be to add the Delivery Method to the Address Page within the Delivery Charge section.

And select the 'Add Field' option.

Step 3: Add Delivery Method Field

You'll be presented with a list of fields that you could add to the record layout. Click the 'Show More' button to see a full list of options.

Scroll down until you find 'Delivery Method', then select this field and click 'OK'.

Step 4: Save Changes

The Delivery Method field has now been added to your record layout. To save your changes, just click the save icon in the top right-hand corner.

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