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Release Notes: V117
Release Notes: V117

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 117 (February-March 2024).

Written by Martin Clark
Updated this week

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Please note: We use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few days or weeks.

🪟 Quote & Opportunity UX improvements

We’ve improved the UX around Quotes and Opportunities by adding a primary button in the header bar to help guide the user on what to do next. This replaces the “create sub-record” button (e.g. for creating Documents or Problems under an Opportunity) but has these record creation options available in the split button drop-down instead along side other (often more important or more relevant) actions, such as confirming or cancelling a Quote etc.

Unleashed Integration Updates

We've been working closely with the Unleashed product and engineering teams to really make the CRM <> Unleashed integration as seamless to use as possible. We're still working on more items, so we're not there yet, but in this release delivers a lot of what you've been asking for:

Send Contacts to Unleashed

If two-way sync is enabled, a new button will now appear on Contact records belonging to Companies that are synced with Unleashed. This button allows a user to sync that Contact to Unleashed. Once set to sync the button is replaced with text telling you the current status of the Sync (i.e. if it's syncing correctly).

More Unleashed Updates & Fixes

  • Added support for Unleashed Customer Default Warehouse, Sales Order Group and Delivery Method fields in both ledger creation and Quote creation.

  • You can now add a default supplier and supplier price when creating a product in Unleashed.

  • Unleashed contact sync will now move duplicate emails into the additional emails table instead of skipping the contact (if there's a duplicate).

  • Fixed a crash when pushing a customer to Unleashed when the customer had a phone number but no email address or contact name.

  • Fixed a bug where Unleashed special pricing always overwrites manually entered prices.

  • Fixed a bug where Unleashed account codes were always forced to be uppercase.

📄 Important Documents & Notes UI Improvements

We’ve updated the UI to improve the useability and visibility of important documents and notes. These will now illustrated as "Flagged" notes and documents. They're now easier to identify with a highlighted background as well as a clearer icon (a red flag).

🐛 Other Enhancements & Fixes

  • Added a feature to allow people to link directly to a specific system option. We'll be using this in our documentation, messages from support and product tours, giving users a simple clickable link to the required setting rather than users having to go and search for the necessary setting.

  • Sage 50 product creation now allows the purchase price to be calculated based on a different currency via a new calculation button. This feature will be added to other integrations in due course.

  • Improved the performance of Excel exports for Australian datacenter customers.

  • “Needs engagement” and “Priority” settings are now linked together for better feature discovery.

  • Product description and notes can now be modified via Excel imports or bulk updates. Note - this should only really be used for Catalogue Products that aren't sync'd with your ERP, or where the ERP doesn't have or doesnt set equivalent fields. Setting this on products where this data is sync'd with the ERP will inevitably mean that the updated data is eventually overwritten by the ERP when the product data next changes.

  • Whitespace is now automatically trimmed from user first and last names during user creation.

  • Improved initial CRM loading performance by preloading some common system options at system startup.

  • Changed the phrasing of some search prompts to be more clear about what data they’re searching.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause filters and sorts to sometimes not save if you modified them then immediately clicked out of the side bar.

  • Fixed a crash if an optional page is customised as the first page on a detail screen, but isn't visible.

  • Increased the length of the Quote line product description to 500 characters.

  • Fixed a bug where the “Attach files” list on a document template would allow you to select “URL” type Library files.

  • Fixed a bug where the updates and events banner at the top of the CRM would cause issue with the page height and page scrolling.

  • Cin7 address fields are now automatically truncated to 50 characters rather than crashing.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented “Unassigned” from being used as an Account Manager if Account Manager syncing was enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where some fields could appear as editable when customised in, even if their parent entity doesn’t exist.

  • Fixed the translation of the “Division” navigation property on sales order to be “Company”.

  • Fixed an issue where records that don’t appear in the hierarchy would still get a “Move [entity]” option in the bulk actions list.

  • Removed the option to bulk update on a Tasks Report as it does nothing.

  • Fixed a bug where the “VAT by delivery address” option would fail to identify the country and always select country type “H”.

  • Fixed several sales transaction cube views including deleted transactions.

  • Fixed a crash when editing the filters on a Report embedded in a list entity.

  • Fixed an inefficient query being performed when attempting to preview an entity with no previewable fields.

  • Fixed a bug where users with restricted Dashboard views could see other data if they had selected a different user filter before being restricted.

  • Fixed a UI bug with the “And” button on a specific month date filter.

  • Fixed an error when customising the Opportunity Pipeline into the sales order layout and then viewing a sales order that is not under an Opportunity.

  • Fixed a bug where Xero ledger are never marked as closed.

  • Fixed a bug where fields added via the Customiser would be editable even if they were defined as being never editable.

  • Fixed a bug where the plus button on the Goals screen wouldn’t show the Goals adding popup.

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to bulk update Pipelines on Opportunities would just refresh the screen instead of updating.

  • Fixed a bug where clicking the "Configure" button on the Opportunity Status drop-down would crash while loading the list of statuses.

  • Fixed an issue with the sales order graph showing the value for January against the wrong year in some timezones.

  • Fixed a bug where the margin input would show a large number of decimal places for some values while editing.

  • Fixed a bug where adding Company Tags to an activity Report would crash.

  • Fixed a bug where leaving obsolete statuses in Opportunity Pipelines would cause errors when trying to progress past them.

  • Updated Zapier integration to return better error messages.

  • Mailchimp batch result zip log entries are now listed as events so they are affected by sampling less often.

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