Release Notes: V83

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 83 (February 2022).

Written by Martin Clark
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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically roll out new features to users in a way that minimises risk. This means that new updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, new versions are gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within our specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with the new update, we can then pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

🕴 Improved B2B Contact Creation

The B2B Contact creation screen now allows either the creation of a new parent Company or the selection of an existing one; without having to navigate to any other screens. The Contact creation screen now dynamically changes based on whether you've selected an existing Company as the parent, or chosen to create a new Company as well as a new Contact.

🎏 Ability to Manually Assign Magic Matrix Awareness

Magic Matrix awareness for a given product category can now be manually assigned from the Company screen. This is in addition to it being automatically set through Campaign membership and is useful for e.g. if you've spoken to a customer and discussed a product range (so you know they are "aware" of that) even if they haven't been included in a relevant marketing campaign (which would have set it automatically).

📋 Support for “Other” Integration Type

Third party developers can now specify an integration type of “Other” when developing custom ERP or Inventory Management System integrations. This allows customisation of the integration name as well as providing a custom order confirmation REST API endpoint.

For anyone developing a custom ERP integration, this makes the integration seem more native and seamless to the user.

🐛 Other Fixes & Updates

  • The Global Search UI has been updated to remove disabled search prompts from the list, saving space and reducing scrolling. Disabled searches are now listed at the bottom of the window, making it easy for the user to re-enable them from the top or the bottom of the search window.

  • Global Search entity types that haven't been used recently (within the last 30 days, if more than 15 searches have been made in that time) will be automatically disabled, but can of course be re-enabled by the user if they want to use them again in a future search.

  • A banner is now shown if a record is read only, for instance when an Opportunity or Problem is in a status that prevents it being edited by the current user.

  • The "Export to Excel" function on a report now opens in a new window, allowing for better visibility of what’s going on, and ensuring that any delay while the report is being prepared is clear to the user, with a clear user interface.

  • The "Export to Excel" function will now be disabled if the system predicts a Report will take more than 10 minutes to generate (due to size or complexity).

  • The "Export to Excel" function is now disabled if you've already started an Excel download and not closed the popup. This prevents users from accidentally starting multiple downloads and using too much processing/bandwidth.

  • Updated the delivery address system option to allow populating addresses from the ledger address (relevant in certain ERP integrations). The UI for this has also been improved.

  • The Unleashed integration now supports changing of Unleashed customer codes. The integration now uses the Unleashed GUID as the unique ID rather than the customer code.

  • Updating of Companies via Excel export/import has been enhanced to allow updating of records matched via the sales ledger ID (ERP Account ID) as an alternative to the CRM Company ID.

  • Added a new field on Quotes called "Memo" which is pushed to DEAR Inventory's "Memo" field when an order is confirmed.

  • Improved B2C user interface for Sales Ledgers / ERP Accounts; bringing it in line with the B2B Company UI. The information from the ERP/Inventory/Accounts system now appears in a tab along with other ledger information such as sales transactions and sales analysis.

  • Updated toggle components to appear as drop-downs (rather than toggles) when displayed in Reports to make them more space efficient and less confusing.

  • Disabled the discount field on multi-line order entry for pack products. This is to reduce user confusion, since the quantity and discount are always re-calculated when adding the items to the order.

  • The CMS has been updated to allow date next available and stock levels to be included in the stock availability message.

  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect prices to appear on the multi-line order entry window when using foreign currency prices with different sell decimals.

  • The Report Builder UI has been updated to clearly indicate when a filter is invalid and therefore being ignored.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented automatic delivery charges from working based on delivery country.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the data importer to map Industry Codes incorrectly

  • Resolved a performance issue when downloading the errors spreadsheet during a large data import.

  • Fixed a UI issue on the search window where the clear term button would overlap the term if it was too long.

  • Fixed a UI issue that caused an additional scrollbar to appear in the postcode lookup window.

  • Fixed the terminology on the relationships window to say “Company” and “Company Group”.

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to click on a blank company name to access the hidden Company record behind a B2C Contact.

  • Fixed a bug where the word “Lead” appeared in the breadcrumbs for an Opportunity with no name.

  • Fixed the appearance of the Authorise/Reject buttons on the Quote-to-Order Workflow when the email is forwarded by Outlook.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented template quotes from being used under Contacts if product restrictions were enabled.

  • Fixed a UI bug that prevented the Company name from being visible when duplicating equipment items.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the custom delivery product description to be overwritten by the standard product description.

  • Cin7 integration will now attempt to detect B2C Contacts based on matching Contact/Company names.

  • Average order value has been added to the Alerts Dashboard Report.

  • Price band and warehouse dropdowns have been made more prominent by moving them from the Quote details page (the second page) to the main entry page (first page).

  • Efficiency improvements have been made to the Unleashed product pricing import. Large price lists are now only fully imported once every 24 hours, with prices marked as updated imported every 15 mins. Note: Unleashed doesn't set an updated flag on deleted prices, so these are only identified via the full import.

  • The Quote-to-Order Workflow card payments have been updated to request the payer’s name and email as well as just the card number and expiry. The button has also been updated to specify the value being paid to make it super-obvious how much will be charged to the card.

  • Support user no longer appears in the @mentions list.

  • In the Report Builder, it's no longer possible to expand to a custom fields entity then back to the main entity (which was generating inefficient queries).

  • It's no longer possible for non CRM Admin users to browse to/configure pages via a shared or guessed URL (they were already prevented from editing the settings, but now are also prevented from opening these windows).

  • Fixed some issues with Katana integration to sales transactions and currencies.

  • Some UI improvements to single page report views.

  • Improved layout and field-order consistency across record creation screens.

  • The "Create" button on a Company Report now creates a Single Company record instead of a B2B Contact.

  • For security reasons, HTML files that are uploaded as documents are no longer served from our domain when viewed via the CRM.

  • Unleashed imports now correctly unset price tiers when they are unassigned.

  • Fixed a crash when using an ampersand in a standard text name.

  • Opportunity pipeline statuses no longer behaves as a list entity in reporting.

  • Fixed missing permissions on Company cost centre overrides.

  • Fixed permissions on role filters requiring Admin permissions.

  • Confirming a Quote via the API as part of a combined Quote & Opportunity will now also progress the Opportunity status to the first positive closed state in the given pipeline.

  • Fixed a bug where the sorting of the Multi-Line order table would be cleared when navigating between pages.

  • Fixed a bug where the quote status component would repeatedly call GetExpectedLedger if used in a Report.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented goals from being added during the month of January.

  • Updated QuickBooks Commerce API logging to log usage before making the request for improved usage logging on failed requests.

  • Enabled receipt posting for Advanced Sales in DEAR Inventory.

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