Release Notes: V99

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 99 (January-February 2023).

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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

📧 Reply to & Forward Emails

You can now reply to and forward emails directly from the CRM document window. This will behave similarly to the reply to/forward actions in Outlook or Gmail, including the previous email chain in the reply or forward email. Since the reply/forward email is being generated by the CRM itself, a copy will be saved automatically to the Customer/Opportunity/Problem/Quote, and it'll use your normal CRM email signature. You’ll also be able to add other attachments, including Library files, as required using the full CRM email editor.

🦘 Australian Datacenter Deployment

This version delivers phase one of a new, regional APAC Datacenter. Located in Azure Australia East, this will allow customers in Australia, New Zealand and across the APAC region to benefit from significantly improved performance of the CRM. We'll be testing this setup internally before rolling it out to a trial set of customers, in order to closely monitor and refine the setup or routing over the next few months. In due course, this will be rolled out to all existing and new APAC customers with timescales being driven by customer feedback and results of the trial.

Eventually, this routing solution will allow the deployment of other regional datacenters around the world, giving customers faster local access to their data wherever they're located.

Please note that, at least initially, not all features will be deployed to datacenters outside of Europe. Specifically, there is no support for CMS or eCommerce websites at this time (although this won’t affect the Quote-to-Order Workflow and related Customer Portal which will be fully supported).

💹 Sign up with Xero

In the previous release, we added features that allow customers to sign up for a CRM Free Trial directly via the Unleashed in-app integrations page. In this version, we've added support for doing the same via the Xero App Marketplace. As with the Unleashed experience, Xero customer details will automatically be populated to create your account, and it'll immediately connect and start the integration sync.

This update only affects new Prospect CRM Free Trials - existing customers and existing integrations will be unaffected, although existing Xero customers can use the Sign-on with Xero and the Xero App Launcher to conveniently open and log into the CRM.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • To reduce confusion with “missing” menu items and who does/doesn’t have the necessary permissions for a given task, non-Admins will now see various Admin-only functions that were previously hidden. However, if they don’t have the necessary Admin role, they'll instead be prompted, giving them a list of the Admins who could perform this task. The user can then request one of these Admins to perform the task or request an increase in permissions.

  • Because CRM updates are rolled out in release rings, not all customers are on the same version at any one time. This has in the past caused some issues if their integration release ring (that performs ERP/Inventory & Accounts data sync) isn’t comparable with their CRM release. So now, the integration release rings are now automatically updated to a compatible version as each customer gets a CRM update.

  • Added improved support for foreign currencies when using the Prospect pricing (as opposed to using pricing from the Inventory/ERP/Accounts system).

  • Improved the count of "New Customers" (RFM segment) on new CRM Free Trials. This update sets the “created date” to a historic date matching the customer’s first order date (if there's an order more than a month ago), even though the account has just been created by the import.

  • Added the ability for users to trigger a “validate” action by pressing a validate button on a Quote. This button is only relevant, and only appears if a custom Quote confirmation validation endpoint has been configured. Customer validation endpoints can be used to apply very specific customer-defined logic to validate Quotes.

  • Updated Pegasus Opera imports to import the “priority” field on Sales Orders and “delivery instructions” on Sales Ledgers.

  • Increased the product name character limit to 500. Product names will also now display new lines correctly on the main product screen if present in the product name.

  • Added support for setting the Unleashed order status when confirming Orders.

  • Added a system setting to prevent creation of new supplier Company/Contact records in the CRM when new suppliers are found in the integrated ERP/Inventory/Accounts system.

  • Added support for importing Xero accounts as suppliers (previously all Xero contacts were imported as Customer records in the CRM).

  • Updated the way we pass addresses and delivery names to QuickBooks Online to better match its default behaviour.

  • The Integrations marketplace is now visible to non-Admins via the main menu, but trying to setup or manage an integrations will prompt them to ask an Admin to connect or manage the app.

  • Goals is now also visible (read only) to non-Admins. A system setting has been added that can restrict the Goals interface to only display Goals relevant to the individual user. Account Manager and territory restrictions will apply automatically.

  • Enquiry Web Forms can now include custom fields (including number fields, date fields etc.).

  • Added “set/not set” as possible values for all Report filters, even if the field is not in fact nullable. This change is intended to avoid confusion, whereby users would wonder why these options weren’t being offered on some fields. Clearly, using this filter value on non-nullable fields will result in all records being displayed (for “set”) or no records showing (for “not set”).

  • Phone numbers have been added to the Global Search for Contacts and Companies, however at this time this is a strict text search. We're investigating more intuitive telephone searches to cope with the many variations that users will inevitably key (for example +44 78…, 0044 78…, 00 44 78…, +44 (0) 78… etc). For now, for this search to be genuinely useful, users will have to strictly adhere to a common entry format (ideally without spaces and all numbers entered with or without international dealing codes etc.) .

  • Weight calculations have been added as fields to Quote lines. This can be particularly useful in reporting on the weight of a Quote. Note: for this to be genuinely useful, all weights on all products should use the same format (i.e. all kg, or all g, or all mg) as this value is calculated using the product weight times the Quote quantity on each line.

  • A “Delete Site” button has been added to the CMS. This allows users to remove (and therefore stop being billed) for additional sites that are no longer required, or sites that were created merely for a trial or redesign etc.

  • The Welcome screen now links directly to a branding settings popup, rather than merely the help document.

  • Addresses now cache their latitude/longitude when mapped instead of looking it up every time. This enables the report mapping feature to map more addresses. A “map more addresses” has been added to the mapping interface to add further addresses to the map (assuming there were more addresses in the originating report or list).

  • The delivery address and delivery notes syntax has been extended to include Contact Email [CE] and Contact Phone [CP] fields.

  • The notes import has been enhanced to allow the Company ID to be specified.

  • The pin button will no longer appear on slide overs if the screen is too narrow to support pinning.

  • Resolved a timeout issue with large Mailchimp imports.

  • Removed “RawError” from order confirmation failure output.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Upsell quantity box from showing if the default quantity is 0. Any upsell that is configured with a default quantity of zero will now be treated as if the default quantity was 1.

  • Fixed a crash when clicking “Back” to return to the entity selection screen when writing a Report.

  • Fixed a UI bug where some users would be showing with a “show details” button instead of a “grant access” button despite having no access.

  • Fixed a bug where .htm files would be rendered as html pages if uploaded as documents.

  • Fixed a bug with the parent selector component where it would return large amounts of data if the parent had a compound key.

  • Fixed a crash in the notes import if the user was not specified. Users will now be set to 'System' if no user specified.

  • Fixed a crash in the sales order import if the Sales Order number was set as a number in the spreadsheet instead of text.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented “Sign up with Unleashed” accounts from working if there was a plus in the email address.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented warehouses from being correctly calculated on Quote creation in some scenarios.

  • Fixed a bug where historical Quotes would have their tax code defaulted if it was null.

  • Bulk updates attempted against hidden/system records are now ignored rather than resulting in an error.

  • Fixed a bug where ampersands in search text would cause bulk updates to crash.

  • Resolved an issue where the default Opportunity search Report would link to the Company via the Contact record, so no Company would be shown if no Contact was present.

  • Added support for sending emails directly to CRM inbox addresses instead of BCC'ing or forwarding to them.

  • Fixed a bug where OData Lite wouldn't handle “not equal” filters on expands where the expanded entity didn't exist.

  • Fixed a crash with DEAR Inventory order confirmation on orders containing only description lines.

  • The credit limit warning no longer displays on confirmed orders.

  • Fixed a consistency issue with the statusflag checks on between the Leaderboard tile and other Dashboard tiles. Orders are now included if the order itself is undeleted, regardless of the status of the underlying Quote.

  • Updated the urgent note banner to allow the urgent note to be removed from the banner itself.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented consolidated notes not including Problem notes.

  • Fixed a bug with Report field searching failing to correctly handle custom fields.

  • Updated the Word Add-in to support custom fields.

  • Fixed a crash with the data importer crashing when encountering dates in a cell set to “text” type.

  • Fixed a crash when creating child records (such as Upsell links) of a product item with an ampersand in the product reference.

  • Fixed "Update via Excel" template names for searches using entity names rather than translated names.

  • Fixed identity sync issues for accounts with missing surnames or display names.

  • Fixed a bug where updating a user signature on a profile required Global Admin rights rather than CRM Admin.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented User Management email duplication checks from detecting duplicate emails if there was a plus in them.

  • Fixed a crash when abandoning editing Activity notes via closing the slideover.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Quote creation from calculating Operating Company defaults when selecting an Opportunity or Problem under a different Operating Company.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “manage account codes” dialog to appear when pressing enter in certain situations.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented email validation from firing when editing an email address to an invalid value in the slideover.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the email address from being saved if you clicked out of the slideover immediately after editing it.

  • Fixed a display bug that prevented the “Upload Contacts” button on Campaign Activities from appearing on a narrow screen.

  • Fixed a bug that could allow the user to select the placeholder text in the notepad instead of letting them type a note.

  • Fixed a UI bug when encountering permission errors when changing Tags.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent profile expiry if the current import had already terminated by the time the expiry tried to terminate it.

  • Fixed a bug that could allow QuickBooks Online imports to duplicate contacts if an issue was encountered during the import.

  • Fixed the translation of product item supplier “Lead Time” incorrectly being changed to “Opportunity Time”.

  • Fixed the Report column menus not respecting feature restrictions.

  • Fixed a UI issue on the “Post as urgent” notepad drop-down button.

  • Fixed a UI issue that caused YouTube videos launched from the Welcome screen with scrollbars on some resolutions.

  • Fixed a bug where true/false query clauses would be incorrectly converted to 1/0 in the query where required.

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