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How to Calculate RFM by Delivery Address
How to Calculate RFM by Delivery Address

Learn how to change your RFM Dashboard tiles to be calculated by your customer's Delivery Addresses.

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The RFM Analysis is the key to growing your business as it categorises your customers based on their buying behaviour, allowing you to send the right message at the right time. To learn more about RFM Analysis check out this guide.

By default, RFM is calculated per ERP Customer Account, but you may wish to have it calculated by delivery location instead. This is useful when you have a single Cusomter account for multiple sites/outlets, and you want to see RFM per site/outlet - rather than the whole Customer account. This guide will show you how to change the RFM Analysis to categorise each individual site rather than just the Company as a whole.

Note: The CRM Companies must have the same Sales Ledgers assigned as the matching will search only the Sales Ledger Companies Addresses.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

  • Each Delivery Address must have an individual CRM Company record with the Customer account connected

Step 1: Navigate to System Settings

Select 'Settings' then 'System Settings' from the navigation menu, or go here.

Step 2: Search for Analyse RFM

In the search, type 'Analyse RFM' to locate the "Analyse RFM by Delivery Address" setting. Then, toggle on the "RFM by Delivery Address".

All future Sales Orders imported from your ERP/Accounting system will now be linked to a Company when they're created in the CRM.

Step 3: Review Company Address

The RFM by Delivery Address relies on the CRM Company Main Address matching on the Order's Delivery Address exactly. The Address Line 1 and Postcode must both be an exact match to each other for the CRM to assign the Order to the Company. We recommend reviewing your CRM Company Addresses to ensure the matching is seamless!

If there isn't a Company Address match at the time of creation, then the order will count towards the Sales Ledger's RFM.

For more information on our RFM Analysis, check out this guide.


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