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Changing the Extended Description's Display Mode on Quote Tables
Changing the Extended Description's Display Mode on Quote Tables

This article outlines how to configure the Extended Description on Quote Tables

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  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

When sending quotes to customers, you may need to change how the extended description field is populated on your quote table within a document.

Step 1: Navigate to Quote Table and Configure Columns

Click here to navigate to the Configure Quote Table page. You'll be taken to a list of Quote tables that you currently have configured. Please check which table your template uses before proceeding, you can do this by viewing the template here.

Click the pencil icon to edit the Quote table.

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This will show the Settings for this quote table on the right-hand side of your screen. Scroll to the bottom of this panel and press 'Configure Columns'.

Step 2: Edit the display mode of the Extended Description Column

On the configure columns screen for a quote table, there is a spanner icon showing in the 'Format' section of each column. This will allow you to further customise the display settings for each column. You may need to add in the 'Extended Description' field if it has not already been added, please see how to add this here.

Step 3: Choose how you would like the extended description to display

On the 'Configure Extended Description' screen, you will be presented with 3 Display Modes for this field.

Own Column, will display the Extended Description in its own column separate to the Description Column in your quote table.

Own Row, will display the extended description beneath the row for the product that the extended description relates to.

Merge with Description will display the Description followed by the Extended Description in Description column on your quote table. This is used as the default setting for this field in your quote tables.

Once you have chosen the Display Mode, click close and the changes will be in place for any new documents.

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