• You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

When sending quotations to customers you may need to change the default number of decimal places that display within the Quote table. You can amend the number of decimal places for the following fields within a Quote table:

  • Cost Price

  • Unit Price

  • Discount Per Unit

  • Unit Price After Discount

  • Net Discount Value

  • Gross Line Value

  • Line Tax Value

  • Net Line Value

Step 1: Navigate to Quote Table Configure Option

Click here to navigate to the Quote Table Configure option. You'll be taken to a list of Quote tables that you currently have configured. The default Quote table typically in use is B2B_EX. Click the pencil icon to edit the Quote table.

Step 2: Enter Default No. of Decimal Places

Within the side bar, enter the number of decimal places you require as the default. For example, if you wish to show the unit price as £11.00 enter '2'.

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