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Set Column Widths for Quote Table
Set Column Widths for Quote Table

This article outlines how to specify the widths of Quote table columns on a column-by-column basis.

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  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Go to System Settings

To specify the widths of Quote table columns, go to 'Settings' then select 'System Settings'.

In the top right-hand corner, search for "Quote Tables", and select 'Click to Configure' against the Quote Tables system option.

Step 2: Select Quote Table

Click the pencil icon against the table you wish to amend.

Then, select 'Configure Columns' from the side bar panel to start editing.

Step 3: Specify Column Widths

Whilst in the editing tool, you can see beneath each header the width %. By default, this is set to ''Auto", meaning each column are equal widths.

**Tip** If you specify the width of some columns, it's usually better to specify the percentage width for all columns as leaving some columns to be "Auto" will mean they're just evenly spaced in whatever width remains.

**Tip** Specifying too small a column width for product images can cause your images to be cut-off, so please test this carefully.

Once happy with your changes, just click 'Close' to save and update your preferences.

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