Release Notes: V98

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 98 (December 2022).

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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

🗺 Plot Company/Contact Pins on Google Maps

We’ve added a button in the further options menu (three dots in top-right hand corner) on all Company and Contact Reports that allows you to quickly and easily plot their locations on Google Maps. The pins can be colour-coded by either Company Type or RFM category and you can select this from the drop-down in the bottom-left of the screen.

This new feature will initially plot just the first 25 addresses in the report. We've limited this due to the relatively slow response times from the Google API when requesting long/lat geolocations. However, in the next update to this feature, we'll be adding location caching and you'll then be able to map more locations if needed.

Note: while this new feature allows you to very quickly plot locations on Google Maps, it's also possible to export other data and plot more specific information. You can learn more about exporting and plotting data here.

💣 Access Dimensions BOM Calculations

We’ve added support for Access Dimensions BOM (Bill Of Materials) calculations, allowing stock levels to reflect the number of items that could potentially be built from components. The Components that make up a BOM are listed on a new Assembly tab on a Product Item, and the stock level information can now include the Quantity Available (how many are already made, in stock and available to sell), the Total Buildable (how many more can be built from the current stock level of components and subcomponents), and then the Total Available (being the total you could sell if you include all the existing available stock and all the buildable stock).

In this release, this functionality is only available for Access Dimensions, but the data structures and calculations could be used in future to implement BOM calculations for other ERP/Inventory Management/Accounting Systems (subject to limitations in that system's feature or API). If you're interested in seeing this feature implemented for your ERP or Inventory Management solution, please register your interest/vote via the Prospect Ideas Portal.

💸 Define Guttometer Levels by Opportunity Status

This feature has been regularly requested by users over the years, and so while it's a small feature update, we're sure lots of customers will be pleased to see that we've finally done it! You can still set Guttometer levels on Opportunities entirely irrelevant of the status (which we think is on balance the best plan - after all, you could be very close to the final stages of an Opportunity but still think it won't close!). But if you prefer you can now set a Guttometer level for each Opportunity status in your pipelines. Then, when setting the status on an Opportunity, it'll automatically update the Opportunity Guttometer to whatever level has been defined for that status.

💸 Enquiry Importer

We've updated our new Enquiry feature with a new import capability. The best way to create and register new enquiries is undoubtedly via the Web Forms feature (which is very exciting - give it a try if you haven't already done so!). But if you have a bunch of Enquiries that you need to enter manually, you can of course already do that one-by-one; or now you can import multiple Enquiries from a spreadsheet using the "Import Data" link on the bottom-left of the form.

🔌 New Centralised Integrations Page

This version includes a new section in the Settings Centre which lists all our integrations in an easy-to-understand grid. Head to the Integrations page to connect to any of our cloud integrations and discover other apps to integrate to, such as Mailchimp and Stripe. Any systems that don't have a straightforward in-app integration method have a link to a help article explaining how to use the feature.

💸 Opportunity Importer (Coming Soon)

We're currently testing a new importer mode that imports Opportunities into the CRM from an Excel file. At the moment this feature is only available internally to Prospect CRM consultants, so if you're interested in importing Opportunities right now then please contact us via the in-app chat. Once this new import has been tested against real world scenarios by our team, it'll be added to the UI to make it available to users.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Added support for DEAR Inventory customer specific pricing.

  • Added support for Xero customer discounts.

  • Updated the behaviour of the Campaign Activity date pickers so that setting the start date will also move the end date of the Campaign Activity, rather than changing its duration.

  • Added a “Show more” button to allow users to increase the amount of visible preview text in documents when they appear on the Activity feed without having to open the full document window.

  • Reordered the fields on thee document creation screen so that the description appears after template selection.

  • Added the “non standard filters” warning banner to search Reports.

  • Updated the icons for B2B and B2C Contacts in the search and on the main detail screen to match their entity creation icons and more clearly distinguish the two different types of Contact records.

  • Added a button to Contact records to allow them to be converted between B2B and B2C. This button performs the same action as the menu option, but makes the functionality more discoverable.

  • Renamed "Last Year" and "Previous Year" to "Last 365 Days" and "Previous 365 Days" to make the wording more accurate.

  • Branding colours and logo can now be set from the System Settings, making this easier to find (you can still get to it from the Operating Companies settings).

  • A "Download" button has been added to historical imports allowing you to download the source data.

  • The date of the import has been added to the import list.

  • The new Integrations page is now available for all users, although it's read-only for non-admins.

  • Added product stock by warehouse columns to the Quotation screen that allows you to add multiple products to a Quote (via the Add Products button).

  • Updated the Unleashed supplier list to show the supplier's name instead of the Purchase Ledger GUID when reported on.

  • Removed the URL fields from the initial Enquiry Web Form creation screen. They're now set on the Details page after creation (as users don't always know these URLs in advance of creating the form).

  • Added a "Cancel" button to the edit column settings window.

  • Added a banner to the data importers in the Admin Portal suggesting that people use the new CRM ones instead.

  • Added a banner to the on hold wizard directing users to the CRM, and removed the old functionality on V98 onwards.

  • Merged the group header with the window header on configure lists to avoid the confusion caused by having multiple menus.

  • Added the ability to set unlicensed users as Account Managers.

  • Updated Enquiry conversion to set the Opportunity summary from the Enquiry summary field.

  • Fixed and issue where price fields would appear in purchase and supplier screens despite the restricted dictionary being enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where tax recalculations wouldn't be performed on the baskets of on newly registered CMS users.

  • Fixed a bug that caused order dates to appear on the wrong day for some timezones.

  • Fixed a bug where converting to-from B2B/B2C records could cause the Company ID of child records to become out of sync.

  • Fixed the Business Contact creation screen to include mandatory Company Custom fields.

  • Fixed a bug where setting a date on a date selector where the underlying data also contained a timestamp would leave the timestamp unchanged, causing unexpected results. The timestamp is now set to midnight when the date is changed.

  • Fixed an unclear error message when attempting to confirm an order to a DEAR Inventory account that had been hard deleted due to accounts being merged.

  • Fixed a bug where consolidated notes would only show notes from the child records if there were over 100 notes, and the child record’s notes were newer.

  • Fixed a bug where enabling the “Multi-select” option on Enquiry Web Form drop-downs would cause an error message on submission.

  • Fixed a handful of common client errors caused by entities becoming null while loading.

  • Fixed the ability to set the B2C flag using bulk updates.

  • Fixed some Boolean fields showing as number inputs.

  • Fixed a crash if you failed to specify the protocol when entering an Enquiry Web Form destination URL.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause negative numbers of “Aware” customers to appear in the Magic Matrix Dashboard.

  • Fixed some UI issues that caused split button drop-downs to appear in the wrong place if the window had scrolled.

  • Fixed an issue with the CRM inbox email parsers crashing when forwarding emails with no plain text body.

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