Release Notes: V97

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 97 (November 2022).

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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

📫 Enquiry Enhancements

This version includes several enhancements to the Enquiries system.

NOTE: The Enquiries system is new and in Preview, and all the enhancements below came from customers trialling this new Preview feature and giving us their feedback and wishlist. If you've got ideas/suggestions/wishes for the Enquiry feature or any other feature (especially those in Preview) then make sure you post your idea or vote on other ideas in the Ideas Portal here.

Enquiries in Global Search

Enquiries are now available and searchable via the Global Search. You'll also see that any Enquiry Search Reports also support full text and partial text searching.

Address Fields on Enquiries

We’ve added address fields to the list of standard fields on an Enquiry, making it easier for users to set these fields and easier to add address fields to your Enquiry Web Forms too. During conversion, these will be populated on the Company, if you're creating one, or on a Contact if you're creating a Contact against an existing Company.

Opportunity Source on Enquiries

The Opportunity Source can now be specified when creating an Enquiry. If a Campaign Activity is assigned then the Opportunity Source will be set from the Campaign Activity, otherwise it can be selected from the drop-down. The Opportunity Source can also be specified on the Enquiry Form which will in turn set it on any Enquiries generated by that form.

"How did you hear about us?" Mapping

Additionally, the “How did you hear about us?” free text field can now be mapped to a field on an Enquiry Form so this can be recorded based on user input. When converted to a new Opportunity, this field is mapped to the "Source Other" free text field on the Opportunity.

Convert without Opportunity

You can now convert an Enquiry to a Contact or Company without creating an Opportunity. This might be useful when the Enquiry came from a valid prospect who you want to add to your CRM database, but you've judged the Enquiry to be perhaps "just for information" and not yet worthy of logging and tracking a full sales Opportunity. You'll then continue marketing to this new prospect in the hope of generating a further Enquiry and a more solid sales Opportunity at some point in the future.

As part of this update, the Contact/Company creation options now include the ability to create either a B2B records or a B2C Contact record.

🕵️‍♂️ Field Searching Added to Template Find & Replace Field Browser

We’ve made it easier to find fields when creating or editing templates. You can now search for fields (rather than just browsing the field tree) when using the field browser to create or edit either an email template (via the CRM) or when using the Word Add-in to create or edit MS Word or PDF templates. We’ve also standardised the user interface, eliminating slight inconsistencies between the two systems.

📦 Editable Quantities on Template Quotes

Template Quotes are a great way to speed up the process of creating Quotes from previous or standard Quotes/Orders. Previously, when creating a Quote or Order from a template you'd automatically get the quantities from the template. But if you generally want to edit the quantities, you can now set a system option that will make your template Quotes or Orders prompt for quantities on each line (if you don't then set a quantity on a given line then that product line will be ignored).

❌ “Exclude from RFM” in Company Record Layout by Default

The "Exclude from RFM" option is now by default on the Company record layout. This allows you to easily exclude any obvious outliers in your data. The RFM analysis handles general outliers automatically (e.g. big customers such as distributors and small customers such as one-off transactional customers), but big outliers such as an account setup to handle all your Shopify sales or your store Point of Sale system should be excluded using this flag.

Note: if you just want to exclude B2C customers from the RFM and/or Dashboard analysis in general, there are system options to exclude B2C records too. And, the B2C exclusion option should be considered in tandem with other options that can improve the way B2C records are detected in your data.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Added support for Unleashed discounts assigned to all customers based on a price tier.

  • Added the option to output the discount value subtotal in the Quote group summary section when creating grouped Quotations.

  • Added the ability to bulk update Products using the export/import feature via Excel. This replaces and substantially improves the equivalent data management feature in the Admin Portal.

  • Added the ability to import product item upsell data from Excel in CRM. This replaces and substantially improves the equivalent data management feature in the Admin Portal.

  • Added the ability to bulk restore deleted records.

  • Updated the time range that the CRM uses to decide if two deletes were part of the same deletion event. This has been changed to include any deletes on related records that took place withing 1 hour.

  • The default 0 quantity has been removed from the product search screen when adding products to Quotes and Orders. These fields are now blank by default to prevent typos where users might place their cursor to the left, type 1 and get a quantity of 10.

  • Companies with no active engagements will now have their active engagement set to their most recent order date during the maintenance routine to try to ensure more accurate initial data and avoid all customers "needing engagement" on initial setup.

  • Sending a document against a Quote now counts as an active engagement for that customer. We're assuming that the customer was in contact and the user failed to log this as an activity in the Activity feed (rather than assuming users are sending out unsolicited Quotations!).

  • The Company Brand theming now applies to the Accept/Decline Quote-to-Order Workflow buttons added to emails and documents.

  • Find and replace fields for Quote documents have been updated to include an “Approve” only button in addition to the Approve/Decline Quote-to-Order Workflow buttons (although we strongly recommend using both "Approve" and "Decline" so that your Sales team get notified of a Decline reason!).

  • Prospect API has been added to the integrations page to increase discoverability of the API and the PAT tokens.

  • Added improved handling of terminated connections during imports.

  • Updated the order of the Global Create records to put Business Contact first in the list.

  • Added a field to allow manual specifying of the H1 title text in the CMS product items plugin.

  • Fixed a bug where blank date fields displayed today’s date instead of [Not Set].

  • Fixed a bug where tax recalculations triggered via Change Parent would set tax to null for some systems.

  • Fixed a bug where caches would not clear if all queries were performed via OData Lite.

  • Fixed a bug with the sales transactions import that caused rows with numeric order numbers to fail to import.

  • Fixed a bug where the discount value field would be set to 0 when the discount was 100%.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented "Convert to B2C" from working on a Contact record.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Exchequer sales history to import with the wrong number of decimal places for factored quantities.

  • Improved the sanitising of invalid characters in CMS XSL transforms.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users with a plus in their email address from logging in.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented emails forwarded via Gmail auto forward from appearing in CRM.

  • Fixed a bug with QuickBooks Commerce invoice imports where the extended descriptions wouldn't be pulled through.

  • Fixed a bug in Exchequer price calculations that caused the cost price to be calculated in the wrong currency.

  • Fixed a bug that caused “Tag in Mailchimp” to fail for very complex Reports.

  • Updated the Opportunity and Problem Status drop-down component in an attempt to resolve inconsistent behaviour on some devices.

  • Fixed a bug where the product item drop-down on a Quote line could select the wrong item when clicking on a slow system.

  • Quote price list is now an updatable field in the field browser.

  • Fixed a bug where enabling the consolidated activity feed would cause only the oldest orders to show.

  • Fixed an issue where products with a plus sign in their ID would fail to load via OData Lite.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to execute count queries via OData Lite.

  • Fixed a bug with escaping apostrophes in the query string via OData Lite.

  • Fixed a crash caused by a race condition when attempting to reserve stock for the same product at exactly the same time.

  • Fixed a crash in Outlook Save to CRM caused by the updated SSO login flow buttons on the front page of the login.

  • Updated QuickBooks Commerce tax codes to sync on every import instead of just the first one.

  • Fixed a bug where changing a value in some components in a slideover, then clicking out of the slideover before it had saved (such that it closed) would prevent the data from saving.

  • Fixed some buggy behaviour with the updated SSO login buttons failing to redirect to the correct page after login.

  • Fixed SSO login buttons not working on the Bugs Portal.

  • Fixed a bug where deleting a record would update the timestamp on all descendants, even if they were already deleted.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented accurate SSO login method settings from displaying in the UI once set.

  • Fixed a bug that caused it to take 15 mins before SSO enforcement would apply.

  • Fixed a UI bug where Campaign Activity filter toggles would be hidden on narrow displays.

  • Fixed a bug where the “Add Fields” popup on a Report was no longer sorted alphabetically.

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to add new fields to the system from the import data screen would crash.

  • Fixed a bug where Enquiry conversion would attempt to create a Contact with an optional Company, rather than a real B2C record by default.

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