Release Notes: V96

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 96 (October-November 2022).

Written by Martin Clark
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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

📲 New Data Imports

This version includes several new data imports, some of which are in Private Preview (initially only available to selected users) and others in Public Preview (available for everyone) whilst we thoroughly test them, get feedback and improve them. These imports are:

  • Sales Transactions – Not available in the UI but available on a case-by-case basis while working with an Onboarding Consultant. This import is aimed at new customers who are also changing (or have recently changed) ERP or Inventory Management systems and want to populate the full set of historic sales reports and sales analysis with sales transaction data they've exported from their previous system. If the imported sales transaction has an invoice number, it'll also automatically create matching invoice data too.

  • Customer Notes – Available to all customers on the import screen via the “Create new records” split button. This import is again aimed primarily at new customers who are migrating from a previous CRM solution, although it could also be useful to any customer wishing to import notes provided by (for example) an outsourced telemarketing team. This feature will import notes against either Companies (matched by Sales Ledger ID) or Contacts (matched by email). The CRM User for each note can be matched by email or using the CRM User Code; if there's no CRM User match, they will be inserted as System-created.

  • Product Groupings – This import is aimed at helping eCommerce/CMS customers manage their Product Groups more easily. It's available to all CMS customers via an import button in the header bar of the Product Groups window. This import allows you to specify which Products are members of which Product Group with either INSERT or DELETE as the command, allowing you to add but also remove products from groups.

  • Product Attributes – This import is also aimed primarily at eCommerce/CMS customers although may be useful to other users. This import can be accessed via an import button on the product attributes popup when managing attributes on a Product Item. This enables you to bulk import attributes to products, automatically creating the attribute types in the system if they don't already exist.

📧 Email Address Changes via User Management

You can now change the email address of a user via the User Management screen. This will effectively generate a new login identity and could invalidate their existing email/password combination. So, for any User that uses a Prospect CRM email and password to login, they'll have to use the "Forgotten Password" feature to set a new password after changing email address.

However, for anyone that uses a Single Sign On (SSO) Identity Provider such as a Microsoft Office 365 account, a Google account or Xero, the password is managed by that provider, so their password won't be impacted. Clearly, the email address supplied to the CRM by that provider will however need to match the email address of the relevant User.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Updated B2B to B2C conversions to allow a Company to be converted to a B2C record even if it doesn't have any Contacts. When this happens, the Company Name imported from the ERP/Inventory Management system will be assumed to be the Contact Name.

  • A system option has been added that will synchronise sales ledger Account Managers with Companies that are assigned that ledger. This will happen during nightly maintenance and will override all Account Managers for Companies that have ledgers assigned to them.

  • The record creation popup windows (e.g. create Contact, create Opportunity etc.) will now disable the 'Create' button until all default values have been calculated. This will prevent users clicking 'Create' too quickly and then creating new records that haven't had the correct default values applied.

  • Added a loading spinner to videos on the Welcome screen that will appear before the embedded video’s loading screen is available.

  • Added email notification fallback behaviour to the order authorisation portal (Quote-to-Order Workflow). It'll still try to send order approval or rejection notification emails to the relevant Account Manager or Salesperson, but if neither is set for a given Quote or Customer, then emails will then send to the first non-obsolete admin account (i.e. so that at least someone is notified of these actions).

  • The Stripe plugin in the CMS/eCommerce platform has been updated to allow the “style” object to be specified by setting window ["stripeStyle"]. This will override the default styles. Documentation on this style object is available here.

  • Clarified terminology when adding a second Workspace to a Subscription.

  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip for the Advanced Subscription user limit.

  • Fixed a bug where the subscription UI would end up in the wrong state if a call to get the system info failed.

  • Fixed a crash on collection filters for Problem/Opportunity closed state.

  • Added a trigger that will attempt to establish the order date against sales history lines based on a matching Sales Order header record if the value is null. When importing invoices from Unleashed, the order date isn't supplied by the API, so now, this will be populated by looking up a matching Sales Order record to improve reporting and analysis.

  • Fixed a bug where it sometimes wasn't possible to set an Opportunity value during the creation of an Opportunity.

  • Fixed a crash with OData lite when running “and (not X)” clauses.

  • Fixed a bug where you could click “Save” in User Management before the data had loaded.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented PAT tokens from being created using Microsoft Frontdoor routing.

  • Fixed terminology on task assignment emails to say “Opportunity” instead of “Lead”.

  • Fixed Task assignment email handling of records with no parent.

  • Fixed the refresh button appearing on the Report editor before the Report was created.

  • Improve the UI consistency where the header buttons were appearing in an inconsistent order on Reports compared to other records.

  • Fixed a crash with Katana imports when trying to import stock levels for a deleted product.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to export more than 32k characters in a single field via the 'Export to Excel' feature.

  • Fixed a crash where 'Export to Excel' was unable to handle multiple columns with the same name.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Reports from being sorted by “PriceList”.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented various fields on sales ledger product price from sorting.

  • Updated the order authorisation portal (Quote-to-Order Workflow) to support web baskets and specifically prevent use with unsupported Quote statuses rather than leaving them unconfirmed.

  • Fixed some UI resizing glitches that could happen when you changed the email address you were trying to invite via User Management.

  • Fixed a bug where sorting by a status component would prevent subsequent sorts from working.

  • Fixed a bug where hovering over the “additional info” question mark on a field wouldn't show a tooltip if the field was not already populated with a value.

  • Fixed bulk updates attempting to perform modifications to records that were missing part of their primary key.

  • Fixed a crash on the user screen if the user was not assigned a group.

  • Fixed several Reports that had their filters broken in a previous update.

  • Updated the countries postcode lookup trigger to avoid errors when upgrading profiles that have not had their countries list fixed yet.

  • Fixed a bug where user records would show a banner saying “this record cannot be edited” even when they could be.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Exchequer tax to be set to null when changing parent on a record.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the time from showing on some automation manager schedules in the CRM Report.

  • Fixed a crash with Exchequer special pricing if a system had overridden their consolidated special pricing with a price in the same currency as the consolidated.

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