Release Notes: V93

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 93 (September 2022).

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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically roll out new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

📧 Improved Handling of Duplicate Email Addresses

Previously, the CRM would simply prevent you from adding a Contact with an email address that’s already in use on another Contact. However, you'll now be offered a process for resolving the conflict. Clicking the “Resolve” button allows you to very easily select which Contact should be the primary user of this address. It then assigns the duplicate email address as an additional (non-primary) address on all the other Contacts.

This allows the CRM to maintain unique primary email addresses for all Contacts (essential for all sorts of unique identification and automation) whilst at the same time making it much easier for you and your team to manage common scenarios such as two users genuinely sharing a mailbox (such as sales@ or

📦 Product Item Supplier Data from DEAR Inventory

Product item supplier data is now available in the CRM for users of DEAR Inventory. This data allows you to report on things like sales of products by supplier, and thereby identify which products from which suppliers you sell the most/least of.

⛳ Flag Customers as B2C Based on Price Tier (DEAR Inventory & Cin7)

You can now automatically identify customers imported from DEAR or Cin7 as B2C based on their price tier. This feature is currently available for DEAR Inventory and Cin7 customers only, and only applies to newly created records (i.e. customers that have already been imported into the CRM from DEAR or Cin7 will already have been categorised as B2B or B2C and this setting will only apply as the CRM tries to categorise new customer records).

Note: Other Inventory Management system integrations don’t use the Price Tier for this type of B2C detection because they have a specific customer type field that's used instead.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • The data exporter has been updated to generate Excel (.xlsx) files instead of CSV files.

  • A new “Problem status update” zap has been added to the CRM Zapier integration.

  • A banner has been added to Reports (lists of sub-records) that appear on detail records to warn users that the Report contains customised filters.

  • Delivery name and delivery address are now imported into sales orders from Unleashed. When creating Reports, this information can be found on the Sales Order entity.

  • An option has been added the the QuickBooks Online integration to allow orders to be posted to QuickBooks as accepted estimates instead of unsent invoices (which was previously the only option).

  • OData lite is enabled by default for all users in this version. This new API does exactly the same thing as the previous API, just a little faster. Nice!

  • CRM customers can now increase their subscription level via the Subscription pages in the CRM.

  • The User Management UI has been updated to automatically grant workspace access at the same time as licensing the user, if the account only has one workspace. This effectively reduces the complexity and number of clicks when adding a user to a single-workspace account.

  • Updated the styling of User Management options to make a clearer distinction between enabled and disabled options.

  • External users (those who aren’t part of your company - i.e. consultants or 3rd parties) are now clearly tagged as such in the User list.

  • Improved the behaviour of the User Management screen on mobile devices.

  • Fixed a crash that can occur when attempting to grant permissions to a user that exists but has no access to anything.

  • The user details form is no longer visible when inviting a user already exists (i.e. when inviting an external user who already has a CRM account).

  • A more detailed progress indicator has been added to the create-user screen while a user is being added.

  • Updated user permissions to prevent a scenario where users only had an admin role on a workspace (and no standard user roles) which could cause unexpected UI behaviour.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented API usage statistics from being gathered for Xero imports.

  • Restricted the “Product Creation” system option to only be visible to Accounting systems that support the feature.

  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the sales ledger drop-down.

  • Added a link to the Contract Type configuration screen via the System Settings.

  • Fixed a bug where various entities would sort by code instead of descriptions when added to a Report (e.g. sorting by Problem Type code instead of the Problem Type description).

  • Fixed a bug where column sizes would save on the “New Report” screen and then apply those sizes to every new Report.

  • Updated the from address and from name of the data export notification emails to use a noreply email address.

  • Fixed a bug with the data exporter that prevented it from working via Microsoft Front Door/preview CRM (accessed via

  • Fixed the styling of notepad buttons in the slide over panel.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Operating Company to default to the Company's Operating Company when creating the ledger under a Quote with a different Operating Company.

  • Fixed the UI and behaviour of the prompt to create a new ledger for a Quote that is against a different Operating Company to its parent.

  • Fixed fields being incorrectly aligned in the grouping tree on the Report editor.

  • Fixed various instances where opening the filters panel would trigger the filter syntax to be changed.

  • Fixed sorting by price in the product item suppliers Report causing an error.

  • Fixed Company/Division terminology on the record creation screen.

  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting a system with a Xero secondary connection wouldn't disconnect Xero.

  • Fixed a bug where domains could not be added if they contained only 2 characters.

  • Fixed a crash when generating Quote tables that referenced product data for Quotes containing description only items.

  • Updated the email sending process to cancel the sending and disable the send button if any attachments failed to create.

  • Updated Company Group/Company/Contact imports to accept the ledger customer code instead of the ledger ID when deduping.

  • Fixed a bug where text fields in Quote tables could default to being right aligned.

  • Updated DEAR Inventory sales history imports to treat “Ordering” orders as drafts.

  • Updated the recent history section of the Quote line slide over to display transactions based on transaction date instead of order date. This means that data will be shown if there is no order date (i.e., we only have an invoiced date).

  • Fixed some missing translations that weren’t appearing in Zapier.

  • Improved the ability for integrations to self-repair – the process will now attempt to requeue any messages that have not been processed for over an hour, in case that integration is “stuck”.

  • Fixed a crash when importing Cin7 sales history where the currency code is null.

  • Disabled connection pooling in OData lite to minimise the risk of TCPIP socket exhaustion issues.

  • Added basic support for QuickBooks Online US tax codes (Sales Tax).

  • Fixed a bug with the sales history contract drop-down not showing the newest contracts first if the record contained an excessive amount of contracts.

  • Added improved logging and dependency tracking to orchestrated integrations to better track down issues and improve reliability.

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