Release Notes: V95

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 95 (October 2022).

Written by Martin Clark
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Please note: We use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

🕰 Distributor Sales History

If you sell your products via distributors and want to be able to record the sales they make to your end users, then this feature is for you. If not, don't worry...your CRM won't change unless this feature is turned on!

Once enabled, a flag will appear on Companies allowing you to mark them as distributors. This will in turn allow you to import spreadsheets of sales from these distributors which can then be used for reporting and analysis. End-user Companies can have account codes assigned to them for each distributor that they buy from. This account code isn't your account code, it's the account code that the distributor uses to identify this end user account and can therefore be used to match your end-users to sales transactions in the spreadsheet that each distributor sends you (neat!).

📱 Mobile Number Added to CRM User Records

A mobile phone number field has been added to CRM user records. This can then be used in email signatures.

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Added a feature that allows you to set the starting number for Quote IDs.

  • Fixed a bug with Prospect Pricing where price lists were ignoring currency conversions in some scenarios.

  • Increased the CMS product results limit from 1000 to 5000 when returning products with no search term or category specified.

  • Fixed a crash attempting to submit an Unleashed order with a zero tax rate.

  • Fixed various QuickBooks Commerce “open in” URLs to reflect the product’s rebranding and domain change.

  • Fixed a crash with grouped Reports that have no sort assigned at the first level.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to access tag configuration screens from the options window.

  • Improved the error message the user receives when attempting to convert B2B records without sufficient delete permissions.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to use “Update via Excel” on a search Report with OData lite enabled.

  • Custom drop-down fields in Report filters now correctly sort obsolete options at the bottom in a greyed-out colour.

  • CRM order confirmation emails are now sent to the guest checkout email address when confirming guest checkout orders via the CMS.

  • Fixed integer clamping on stock imports coming from Unleashed.

  • Fixed a bug where the “bulk upload images” option could disappear after navigation.

  • Improved Xero sales ledger creation error handling to return the specific error response from Xero.

  • Fixed QuickBooks Online currency support and improved error handling of unsupported scenarios.

  • Fixed a bug where the user list would not jump to the top when navigating between pages.

  • Fixed a crash loading the list of supported timezones via the options window when requests are routed via Microsoft Frontdoor.

  • Updated DEAR Inventory imports to support 4 currency decimals instead of 2.

  • Fixed the "Subscribe" button in the welcome screens, as previously they weren't taking you to the subscription page.

  • Fixed the styling of related descriptions to better handle long strings.

  • Resolved some branding issues on the signup page list of supported integrations, and added Katana to clarify support for this integration.

  • Fixed a styling issue for user permissions when the user only has access to the CMS.

  • Improved the handling of address searches with multiple levels of results.

  • Added an option for “Default web cash account” to the setting screen.

  • Fixed a bug where adding a “between” filter would appear to be applying no filter when in reality it was filtering to the current day.

  • Fixed the text when subscribing an additional Workspace when multiple unsubscribed Workspaces are present.

  • Improved the UI of the subscription wizard to show discount months more clearly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Leaderboard and performance queries were performed on the wrong month if you were in a timezone west of UTC.

  • Fixed an issue where having two countries with the same name in your countries table would cause delivery charge calculations to crash.

  • Fixed crashes in OData when malformed images were uploaded.

  • Updated “notify” emails to contain the title of the record being notified.

  • Improved the new Integration Marketplace page to include more info and help links.

  • Fixed a bug where Account Manager restrictions are not always applied to Excel exports.

  • Fixed pipeline status Reports trying to show only obsolete statuses.

  • Fixed some bugs where modifications to user fields could be delayed by up to 15 mins before applying.

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