Release Notes: V86

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 86 (April 2022).

Written by Martin Clark
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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically roll out new features to users in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

👀 Selecting the Right Entity for your Report Just Got Easier

When you're creating a new Report, it's not always easy to know which entity to start from. And of course, if you don't choose the right base entity, the Report just isn't going to give you the data you expected.

So, to help with this, the initial selection window has been enhanced to display a description of each entity and a preview of the first 10 rows of data in that table. This should give you a better idea of which entity contains the data you're looking for.

📓 Grouping reports by List Entities is now much easier too!

You can now create grouped Reports by dragging a list entity onto the grouping instead of having to expand it and select the description.

What's a "list entity"? It's any value on the main entity where you commonly select from a "list" of pre-defined values (typically in a drop-down list). For example, the Company Type, Industry, Contact Role or Opportunity Type, Opportunity Status etc.

So now, when you want to group a Report by one these values, you no longer have to expand that entity and select the code, name or description field - you can simply drag the entity straight onto the grouping box to make a new group! The Report Builder will then automatically select the right name or description field to display in your Report, whilst simultaneously doing the actual grouping using the unique code/ID (which also makes the grouping more efficient).

🐛 Other Fixes & Updates

  • The Magic Matrix calculations have been enhanced to allow you to define how far back to go when determining if a customer is still buying a given product category. You can even specify this "age" value on a per category basis. This can be useful, for example, when you might set consumables to 1 year and capital purchases to 3 (instead of both being to the default of 2 years).

  • Users who confirm orders in CRM will now automatically receive an email notification if the order fails to confirm into the Inventory/ERP/Accounting System.

  • In addition, a system option has been added that allows one or more email addresses to receive notifications whenever an order fails to confirm. For CRM orders, these email addresses will be notified in addition to the user who took the order. But, this option is particularly useful when orders aren't initiated by CRM users, e.g. for automated orders or orders from a CMS website.

  • A number of unnecessary network requests have been removed to increase loading performance.

  • Added the Sales Transaction Cube to the default Account Manager restrictions.

  • An option has been added to post the CRM Salesperson field into the DEAR Salesperson field when confirming orders into DEAR Inventory.

  • The UI for address lines now reflects the number and naming of the addresses available in the connected cloud Accounting System.

  • Added a system option to allow option 1 and 2 to be specified based on Quote line fields when confirming orders into Cin7. There is no UI for this at the moment but setup can be requested via the Onboarding or Support teams.

  • Account Manager fields now only appear at the level they're being used at based on the system option, when building reports, selecting filters etc.

  • The Dataset filtering options is now hidden if there are no datasets defined for that entity.

  • The visibility of modified and created timestamps have been standardised across all reporting entities.

  • It's no longer possible to expand from a Company to its default ledger and then from there back to the default Company. This could cause user confusion but also performance issues when creating Reports.

  • Fixed some issues with the @mention feature not working correctly on certain mobile & tablet devices.

  • Systems upgrading to v86 will have default system restrictions added to the RESTRICTED dictionary if they don't already exist.

  • Fixed a bug where Quote lines were not showing in the correct sequence if the Quote was read only.

  • Fixed a bug where the CMS articles plugin didn't correctly update the page title dynamic variable to match the article title.

  • Fixed a typo on the CMS impersonate plugin.

  • Updated Problem Status to be bulk updatable.

  • Updated relationship type selection to show relationships in both directions if the entity is the same on both ends.

  • Fixed some display issues caused by conflicts between the HTML Quote table and the rich text editor.

  • Improved the consistency of when the “Editable” option shows in the Report Builder.

  • The currency selection drop-down has been updated to show the currency ISO instead of “Home Currency” when the base currency is selected.

  • An email is now sent to the relevant user (the user that sent the quote) by the Quote-to-Order Workflow when an order is rejected by the customer.

  • Fixed the Quote-to-Order Workflow email ignoring the Quote Salesperson when choosing who to send the email to.

  • Fixed extended descriptions being ignored during CSV Quote line imports.

  • Fixed discounts being ignored during CSV Quote line imports.

  • Fixed an error when previewing customisations for the Single Company layout.

  • Fixed various missing navigation properties to "updated by" and "created by" entities.

  • Fixed customisation history button incorrectly appearing in preview mode.

  • Fixed the incorrect mouse pointer showing on drop-down arrows.

  • Fixed the Magic Matrix Dashboard ignoring categories that contained no customer awareness data.

  • Fixed Katana B2C name detection happening at the wrong time and not setting the ledger B2C flag.

  • Fixed Katana sales header import using the wrong order values if multiple orders were present on the page.

  • Fixed Katana initial imports not marking the profile as having completed an initial import.

  • Fixed some race conditions with the social searching feature of the B2B record creation.

  • Fixed permissions to allow non-Admins to delete Quote line groups.

  • Fixed permissions to allow Product Manager users to create products.

  • Fixed a bug where sorting a Report would display the wrong page number as being selected.

  • Fixed the “hide [type]” button appearing on searches that have only one possible type.

  • Fixed a crash when searching for non ascii characters.

  • Fixed a bug where the Quote status styles would be incorrect if it was marked as editable in a Report.

  • Updated the field visibility of custom field entities to ensure they appear correctly in Zapier.

  • Fixed the sorting of the order status detail to sort by description instead of ID.

  • Fixed custom number fields not allowing decimal numbers.

  • Fixed obsolete Magic Matrix categories showing in the Opportunity drop-down.

  • Fixed Company budgets not allowing decimal values.

  • Updated the Quote line HTML table to omit line descriptions if it matches the start of the extended description.

  • Fixed various missing entity and entity field translations.

  • Fixed a crash when images in a WebP format are uploaded to products.

  • Improved the OData dll loading code to avoid multithreading conflicts.

  • Opportunity Source has been added back to the "Create Quote" screen.

  • Fixed a bug that caused timestamps to have the wrong filter if they were part of the primary key.

  • Updated the text on the document download button to “View” if the document is an image to better reflect the behaviour.

  • Fixed a console error when posting notes in Firefox.

  • Fixed display issues when viewing the document template selection screen on a low resolution device.

  • Fixed a 404 error appearing when attempting to open a product in a new window when the product reference contains a plus sign.

  • Fixed a bug where Unleashed Account Managers were only being set at Company level.

  • Fixed a bug where the mandatory customer order reference option was ignored by the Quote-to-Order Workflow.

  • Fixed a bug where the Quote-to-Order Workflow email sending would fail if the email contained a trailing space.

  • Fixed a crash when loading Recent Records in Save to CRM.

  • Fixed various oData lite (preview) bugs.

  • Improved the loading time of the subscriptions API.

  • Improved the client caching rules for static CRM resources.

  • Added an option to enable all requests to go via the $batch oData endpoint. Note this is a technical option that shouldn't be adjusted. In most cases this option will result in worse performance, but it may improve things in some high latency scenarios by reducing the number of individual requests.

  • The network speed test feature has been removed.

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