Release Notes: V90

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 90 (July 2022).

Written by Martin Clark
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Please note: At ProspectSoft, we use Release Rings to systematically roll out new features to users in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few weeks.

👩‍💼 User Management in CRM

You can now manage your CRM users via an improved set of screens within the CRM. For now, you can manage users in both the Admin Portal and the CRM, but we'll eventually retire the Admin Portal feature for this. The new user management screen is available (for use by Admins only) via the Settings from the navigation menu.

🕵️‍♀️ User Licenses, Roles & Permission Audits

Modifications to user roles made via the new user management interface in the CRM are now logged in the “Audit” tab on a user. This will let you see when they were added, by who, and how their permissions have changed over time.

Note: Any changes made via the Admin Portal will not be recorded in this audit log, so the log may be inconsistent during this interim period if you continue to use both interfaces.

📊 API Usage Graphs

You can now view the estimated monthly calls to third-party APIs. This graph is accessible via a button on the Operating Company connection information screen. Please note that this value is an estimate, so may not exactly match numbers provided by the third party system.

Note: at the moment if you have a connection to an Inventory Management or Manufacturing System (Unleashed, DEAR Inventory, Cin7, or Katana) and an Accounts system (Xero or QuickBooks Online) then this graph will show a total of the combined API calls. We'll look to improve this analysis with a more detailed breakdown in the future, if it's considered important and requested by multiple customers.

📓 New Report Column Modification Menus

Columns on Reports now have a drop-down menu giving users even easier ways to access to sort, add filters, add/remove columns, or modify the column’s properties.

👨‍🔬 Advanced Sorting on Reports

There's now an advanced sorting capability, accessible via the further options menu in the top right-hand corner of a Report (the "…" button) or via the “More Sort Options” button on an individual column menu (described above). This interface makes it super easy to see how your Report is currently sorted, to modify the sort, and even to sort the data by multiple columns, which can then be dragged up and down to set the sort priority.

Head over to this article for further help on sorting your data.

🐛 Other Fixes & Updates

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Quote version number from being incremented when documents were created using quick-access pinned templates in the Quote menu.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Quote version number to be updated each time a document was opened, rather than only when it was created.

  • Fixed a bug where Sales Orders would appear in the wrong Activity feed when filtered by user.

  • The “Next” button is now disabled when creating a Report if no entity has yet been selected (with a helpful tooltip).

  • Languages will now be automatically set to "in use" when a user selects them from the language drop-down on their profile screen. They'll be marked as not in use when the last user de-selects that language. This resolves an issue whereby Admin users were not always being prompted to configure the correct multi-lingual translations when customising various settings.

  • Added a constraint to a Products "parent product". This essentially prevents the parent from being deleted by e.g. an Accounts/Inventory/ERP sync while still being referenced.

  • Fixed a performance bug that caused a filter to be applied twice immediately after favouriting that filter.

  • Fixed a duplicate key error caused by order headers when loading the user activity page.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Reports to fail to appear in Report groups if they had been erroneously marked as obsolete.

  • Removed the $count request from Report preview queries to improve performance.

  • Contact email required flag will now be enforced when creating Contacts via the NewRecord screen.

  • Fixed some styling issues with the product item new record screen.

  • Fixed an issue where reset import section rules wouldn't work with Katana.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the parent selector to recommend deleted records if they had been recently accessed.

  • Fixed a console warning about dynamic properties on the PaymentTerm field on Sales Ledgers.

  • Updated the sales ledger currency drop-down to match the component used for Quote currency selection.

  • Fixed focus detection when selecting the "Assign Task" button on an empty notepad entry causing the notepad to close.

  • Improved tax handling on the CMS when the user has added products to their basket under an unidentified basket that uses one tax rule, then logs into an account that uses a different one.

  • Fixed a bug with Exchequer pricing where it would ignore the default price system option and always use band A.

  • Added a visible UI setting for managing the Sage 50 costprice defaults.

  • Fixed a crash on the CMS when attempting to create or assign new ledgers during the checkout process.

  • Fixed a styling issue with the customiser "Copy to dictionary" button.

  • Added a default filter to Company Reports to exclude B2C records.

  • Updated the slideover to show the correct alternate layout based on layout redirects.

  • Address line 5 is now hidden for Pegasus Opera on systems with only one Operating Company.

  • Added territory to new business Contact creation screen, defaulted to user’s territory.

  • Added a system option for selecting which field the CRM Quote ID should be pushed into when confirming an order into QuickBooks Online.

  • The bulk action “Delete” option has been rephrased for Campaign Activity Contacts to “Remove” to make it clear that the option doesn't delete Contacts themselves but merely removes them from the list of contacts that are assigned to the Campaign Activity.

  • The text of notification emails for website orders has been improved.

  • Styling updates to the field selection indicator in the entity tree view.

  • Updated product category to be a List entity so it will appear as a multi select drop-down in Report filters.

  • Improved performance of the subscription process.

  • Renamed “Support User” to “Prospect Support”.

  • Fixed a crash in OData lite (preview) caused by running out of TCP sockets under high load.

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