Bulk Updating Product Prices

How to bulk update product prices for products that are not in your Inventory Management System.

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Please note: the Admin Portal has now been retired. You may find this article helpful instead.

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Whilst we strongly recommend integrating you Accounting/ERP/Inventory Management System, you can still import product items using our Product Import tool. This tool is typically used for products that you don't sell very often and therefore haven't created them as stock items yet within your Inventory Management/Accounting System. Click here to learn how to use the CRM Product Import feature.

This guide explains how to bulk update the selling prices of products imported and that are not in your Inventory Management/Accounting System.

Please note: if the product exists within your Inventory Management/Account System, please update the pricing there instead as this is the master record.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Download Excel Spreadsheet

You'll first need to download an export of your products to update the selling prices. To do this, simply navigate to the Admin Portal here.

Step 2: Navigate to Data Management

Scroll down until you reach the Data Management folder. Then, click on the 'Export Data' option.

Step 3: Export Data

From the record type drop-down, make sure you've selected 'Product Items'. Then, click 'Export'.

The export will then start processing your request. You can check on its progress within the 'File Links' section.

Depending on how many Products you already have within your system, they'll all be listed within the exported spreadsheet.

Step 4: Add 'SellingPrice' as a column

You now need to include an additional column with the header of 'SellingPrice'. Within this column, you'll need to enter the prices for the products that you wish to update.

Please note: This additional column needs to be inserted before (i.e. to the left of) the 'Action' column. In addition, the database is set to 4 decimal places, so when entering your prices make sure that you enter them to four decimal places. For example, if the price is £10 then you'd need to enter 100000.

Finally, once you've entered in the new prices, type 'UPDATE' in the 'Action' column.

Step 5: Import Data

Now you've added your new selling prices to the spreadsheet, you can use the import tool to bulk update these product prices. Navigate back to the Admin Portal and scroll down until you reach the Data Management folder. Here, click on the 'Import Data' option.

Step 6: Browse for File

From the record type drop-down, make sure you've selected 'Product Items'. Then, click 'Browse' to find your newly updated Excel file.

Step 7: Upload & Import!

Once you've selected your Excel file, click 'Upload & Import'. Your new Products prices will then be bulk updated!

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