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Selecting Default Cost Price for QuickBooks Commerce
Selecting Default Cost Price for QuickBooks Commerce

Choose from the Buy Cost Price, Last Cost Price or Moving Average Cost Price options to use as your default Cost Price.

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Cost Price is an important element to margin reporting. For QuickBooks Commerce customers, you can choose which Cost Price to import as your default.

Choose from the following Cost Price options:

  • Buy Price

  • Last Cost Price

  • Moving Average Cost Price


  • Your CRM needs to be integrated with QuickBooks Commerce

  • You'll need CRM Admin rights to follow the steps in this article

  • You'll need to be in the Standard User Dictionary to be able see Cost Prices within the CRM - learn more here.

Step 1: Open System Settings

Head to the System Settings within the Settings Centre.

Step 2: Search for Cost Price

Click on the search icon and search for 'cost price'.

Step 3: Choose your Default Cost Price

Choose from the drop-down list which cost price you wish to be imported.

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