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Release Notes: V105
Release Notes: V105

See what features, functionality and fixes were shipped in Version 105 (May-June 2023).

Written by Martin Clark
Updated over a week ago

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Please note: We use Release Rings to systematically deliver new features in a way that minimises risk. This means that updates aren't rolled out to every user on the day they're shipped. Instead, they're gradually delivered to a small percentage of customers each day within specified Release Rings. Of course, if customers report issues with an update, we'll pause the rollout while we investigate. So, if you can't see the newest updates yet, don't worry - you'll receive them in the next few days or weeks.

📦 Katana Product Creation

Product creation is now supported for Katana, meaning you can select “Create new product” from the Quote screen when adding lines to a Quote. Below are some scenarios where this feature will be useful:

  1. If your business quotes custom products for different customers, then your Sales team can create new product SKUs right there in the middle of their quoting screen!

  2. If you supply products that you buy in from other suppliers, and perhaps their catalogue is pretty extensive and you haven't set up every product they have in your ERP system, then again, your Sales team can use this feature to set up new SKUs for products that are in your supplier catalogue but haven't been sold by you before.

  3. Your Sales team occasionally may need to source new products and negotiate with suppliers to put a bundle Quote together for your customer. For example, if you sell and install office furniture, you might build the tables and chairs and therefore have SKUs for each of these, but also source AV equipment etc. to match each customer's spec. Your Quote would include existing SKUs for the tables and chairs, but need new SKUs creating for the AV equipment (that probably varies with each customer).

💣 Cin7 BOM Support

As we have already done for several other integrations (such as Unleashed and Access Dimensions), we now import bill of materials (BOM) recipes from Cin7 so that the components can be displayed for each finished product, and the total buildable amount can be displayed alongside the other stock figures (i.e. how many of these finished items can I build based on the available stock for the sub-components and sub-assemblies).

Additionally, a system option has been added to automatically explode the BOMs when they're confirmed into Cin7. This option will then mean that the order posted to Cin7 includes each component on a separate line, rather than just one line for each of the finished products.

🔗 Relationship Reporting Improvements

You can now expand a Report of Relationships to Opportunities, Problems and Contacts in addition to the Company expand that was already available. This significantly increases the value and capability of Reports written against the Relationships entity.

📧 New Email Notification Options

A new Preview feature for User-configurable email notifications was introduced in a recent release. And, in this release we've expanded and improved some of the notifications that area available to you. Two new email notifications have been added:

  • First Order Placed - tells you about customers who place their first order (which in some businesses can be quite different, and more useful than new customer accounts being created or opened - i.e. you might create new accounts but not consider someone a new customer until they actually place their first order!).

  • All Pending Orders - reminds you about all pending orders, regardless of when they were created. This is similar to the existing "New pending orders" email notification, except that for this notification, you will be reminded repeatedly until the issue is resolved and the order is confirmed or cancelled.

Notifications can be configured by users by navigating to User Settings (under Settings in the navigation menu).

🐛 Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Document templates will now have a snapshot backup/version taken during nightly maintenance (if they've been modified). Up to 5 snapshots will be retained for each document template making it much easier to diagnose and resolve issues if a template is incorrectly updated.

  • The Unleashed delivery tracking number is now imported into the sales order header.

  • The “Country” field is now a multiselect on Report filters.

  • Obsolete and Dead records in Save to CRM are now greyed out.

  • Added “[None]” option to the Report filter for price lists.

  • Updated the “Open in Unleashed” links to use the new GUID URL. This resolves issues with products or customers being inaccessible via this button if they had a numeric name or SKU.

  • Added an endpoint that can be used internally to return product audit information from Xero to help support diagnose potential issues with tracking Xero stock levels via the Xero API.

  • Updated the list of supported Cin7 currencies to match the current list.

  • The customisation restriction prompt has been moved to the save button, allowing users to customise but not save their changes if they don’t have the right subscription. This allows users in a lower subscription to try the customisation features before upgrading their subscription.

  • The “minimum unit quantity” field is now available on the product item screen by default. This allows you to set a minimum sales quantity for any given SKU.

  • In the API, the third party Company/Contact creation endpoint now allows for any field to be included.

  • A system setting has been added that allows the Last Name field to be made optional (i.e. not mandatory when creating new Contact records).

  • Some updates have been made to the compilation flags of the CRM to improve debugging and support by targeting new browser features.

  • Fixed a bug where one of the Company-level Magic Matrix manual assignment drop-downs wouldn't allow you to mark someone as “Aware” if they'd previously been aware (and the awareness had expired).

  • Updated the API so that a failure to generate a document thumbnail (which is a nice UI feature but non-essential) wouldn't cause the entire document generation process to report as failed.

  • Fixed a bug that in some circumstances prevented the Last Activity field from displaying the correct data.

  • Fixed a bug with the consolidated notes option where documents wouldn't be shown at Problem level if they belonged to a child of the Problem.

  • Fixed a UI glitch with the alignment of the product authorisation component.

  • Fixed a UI glitch that could cause the “public notes” toggle to appear as “Yes/No” instead of “Public/Internal”.

  • Fixed a bug where adding contacts to a Campaign Activity would stop adding Contacts if it encountered a Company with zero Contacts.

  • Fixed a bug where clicking the 'X' to clear the Global Search would cause console errors when you typed a new search term.

  • Fixed a bug where if Quote creation fails during the creation of an Opportunity/Quote it would leave an orphaned Opportunity record.

  • Fixed a bug where sorting by margin percentage on a Quote line didn't sort by the correct value.

  • Fixed a bug where non-Admin users were presented with the UI for B2C bulk conversion, only to receive a permission error when they attempted to do it.

  • Fixed a bug with Mailchimp integration where the pagination URL would be generated incorrectly if the customer's data was in the AUS datacentre and there was more than one page of data to be retrieved.

  • Fixed a bug where the sales ledger customer type would display a broken translation.

  • Fixed a bug where the 'X' button on the remove note confirmation dialog would do nothing.

  • Fixed a bug where the “Generate Template” button in the importer would crash if it was clicked too quickly.

  • Fixed a scenario where Xero stock purchase orders didn't cause the stock levels to update in CRM.

  • Fixed a bug where setting a Contact via the “send Quote” button would recalculate prices, even if that Contact was against the same Company.

  • Fixed a bug where the pusher would disable a profile if it failed to pass it to the correct region, even if that region was already processing messages.

  • Fixed a bug where list entities would export to Excel as the code rather than the description.

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