Product Groups determine the structure of your website and, in particular, how your product items are displayed. It is crucial to have logical and up-to-date product group names so customers can easily find the required product item.

Step 1: Enter Product Groups Report

On the left-hand side view of the CRM, click in to 'Products' and then select 'Product Groups'. Once on this page, either click into 'Product Groups' as a whole or the particular group you want to update.

Step 2: Navigate to the Import Option

Once within your selected product groupings to update, navigate to the top right-hand corner to find the 'Import Product Groupings' button.

Click this icon and it will take you to the 'Import Product Item Groupings (Preview)'.

Step 3: Downloading your Excel Template

Click the 'Download Template' option to download a template Excel file containing the fields that are available to update. You can then open it in Excel and populate records to import. The Excel template will appear in the downloads section of your laptop and will be ready to use straight away.

Step 4: Input the Data into the Spreadsheet

The 3 below fields are able to be updated by either inserting or deleting a product from a group. Once correctly filled out and checked for errors this can be saved and then uploaded to the CRM by dragging and dropping the file into the uploads after pressing 'Next'.

Step 5: Validating the Data

The CRM will then validate the data for any errors; if any are found they will be highlighted in red, and you will be able to see the error message by hovering over the items highlighted. Once approved, press 'Next' and your import will begin running and then update you when it is complete.

Step 6: Import Complete

Once completed, you will be notified by email notification and the import will appear in your data imports report. Now all your Product Groups will be up to date.

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