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Identifying Customers that Need Engagement
Identifying Customers that Need Engagement

Use the Account Management Dashboard to identify customers who need engagement to help reduce customer churn.

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Within the Account Manager Dashboard, you can easily identify which customers need engagement to help reduce customer churn.

Needs Engagement Tile

Discover which customers you've not engaged with lately using the Needs Engagement tile. Here, you'll find a list of customers where the last active engagement recorded is more than a specified number of days ago. At the top of the list, you'll see those who those customers who you've spoken to more recently.

What is an "Active Engagement"?

So, what is an "Active Engagement"? When adding a note to a Contact, an Opportunity, a Problem or a Quote, you can choose the type of note you're adding. These types represent different types of engagement, such as "Called", "Had a meeting" or just "Left a message". We've created sensible defaults for these, but if you create your own, or don't like our defaults, you can decide in the configuration list which of these types of activity will count as an "Active Engagement". e.g. typically, "Left a voicemail" wouldn't count, but an "Onsite meeting" definitely would. Sending a document against a Quote is also considered "Active Engagement", even if there is no previous interaction logged between you and that customer. Saving an email using Save to CRM also is considered an active engagement. It is also possible to set Orders to be active engagement (see below for steps).

On this tile, the Avatars on the left-hand side are the Account Managers who are responsible for each customer. Next to the Avatar, you'll notice a square with the RFM categorisation for each customer. For example, 'P' = 'Promising' taken directly from the RFM Analysis grid.

The 'See More' link will take you to a Report of all customers with no active engagement within a specified number of days.

Configuring "Needs Engagement" Days

You can configure the number of days before a customer is listed as needing engagement via the System Settings.

Step 1: Go to System Settings

To configure the number of days on the "Needs Engagement" tile, go to 'Settings' then select 'System Settings'.

Step 2: Search System Settings & Enable

Search for "Needs engagement" and type in the number of days that need to go by before a customer is marked as "Needs Engagement". By default, it's set to 30 days.

**TOP TIP** Your teams could filter this Report by 'Loyal Customers' to identify customers who buy regularly but haven't been engaged with recently, as theses are prime candidates to be moved up the chain with an upsell campaign and an incentive offer.

Configuring Orders as Active Engagement

You can configure the system to treat a confirmed order as an active engagement.

Please Note: There is also a Missing Orders system which will notify you of Customers who should have ordered by now. If you enable Orders to be an active engagement, it's possible the 'Needs Engagement' tiles and/or reports will reflect what the Missing Orders feature already tells you. Follow this link to learn more about our Missing Orders feature.

Step 1: Go to System Settings

Step 2: Search for Analyse Orders as Active Engagement

Once within System Settings search for 'Analyse Orders as Active Engagement' or follow this link.

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