Default Rows Per Page

This article outlines how to change the default number of rows displayed per page.

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By default, the CRM will show 10 records per page, but you can change this user preference via the About Me section. 

Specific Reports

Please note: you can change the number of rows being displayed for a specific Report when viewing it by using the 'Rows Per Page' drop-down on the bottom left hand corner. 

Changing your User Preference

Step 1: Go to About Me

To change the default number of rows per page, navigate to the About Me section by clicking on your user icon/profile picture in the top right-hand corner, and clicking the 'About Me' option.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings in About Me

Once within the About Me section, open the Settings page and find the Rows Per Page user setting. You can choose to show either 10, 25 or 50 records per page. Simply click on the desired value and your user preference will be updated!

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