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Change Date Display Format
Change Date Display Format

This article outlines how to change the date display format within the CRM.

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You may wish to change the date display format within the CRM. There are 2 options; Relative Dates or Actual Dates.

By default, the CRM displays dates in a relative format (e.g. "3 hours ago", "in 2 days" etc.). With this format, you can hover over the field to see the specific date and time too. However, some users prefer to see the date in full (e.g. 7 March 2019). When using Actual Dates, the CRM will display dates as per your browser's language settings.Β 

Step 1: Go to Personal Settings

To change this user preference, navigate to your 'Personal Settings' by clicking on your user icon/profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the CRM.

Step 2: Amend Date Display Preference

Once within your Personal Settings, navigate to the Settings page. Here, you can choose to either show 'Actual Dates' or 'Relative Dates'. As this is a user preference, remember that it'll only change the settings for your log in.

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