Within the CRM we have an Upsell Manager, making it easier for your Sales team to add additional Products to a customer's order. The Upsell Managers allows you to create links between multiple Products that should, or can be sold together. If an Upsell link has been configured when the Product is added, the user will be prompted to see if the customer would also like the linked Products. 

We have identified three key types of Upselling which our Upsell Manager supports; Upgrade, Must Sell and Recommended. 

Step 1: Search for the Required Product

To setup an Upsell Manager link, use the Global Search to find the required Product. Once you have the Product record open, navigate to the 'Upsell' page. To add a new Upsell link, click on the '+' icon in the top right-hand corner. 

Step 2: Add the Product to Upsell

By clicking on the '+' icon, a Product Search will appear so you can search for the other item that you wish to link this Product to. Within the example below, we have searched for the Domestic Alarm System Product. Once you have found the required Product, click the 'Select' button.

Step 3: Set a Link Type

You will then be able to review the two Products that you're linking and select the correct Link Type, which in this case would be 'Recommended'. For more information on the different Link Types, take a look at our Different Upsell Manager Links Explained article. Once happy with your selection, click 'Create' and these two items will be linked. 

Additional Upsell Manager Options

Step 1: Setting a Ratio Quantity

Once you have setup the Upsell Manager link, there are further options that can be configured. Firstly, you can setup a ratio quantity for this particular linked product. For example, you may need to buy 2 x Battery Pack for this Alarm System. To set a ratio quantity, click on the Pencil Icon against the linked Product.

This will then open a side panel where you can type in the Default Quantity, which in this case would be 2 and turn on the Ratio Quantity Option. 

Step 2: Set up Further Linked Items

Another additional configure option that you can set is whether the Upsell Manager offers further linked items if they're setup. To do so, turn on the 'Offer Further Linked Items' toggle. 

Step 3: Add a Reason to the Upsell

Finally, you can also add a reason to why this product is linked. To do so, click on the Edit button which will open a text box for you to add information to. You can also add in rich text options. This reason will display when a CRM user is using the Upsell Manager on a Quote record. 

For more information on how the Upsell Manager interface looks for your Sales team when creating Quotes and Orders, take a look at our Using Upsell Manager Links when Quoting.

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