Mailchimp and Spotler are very widely used email marketing platforms, and having one of these integrated to Prospect CRM can assist in attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. Through this integration, you can access the true ROI of a campaign initiative, whilst also providing your Sales team real-time insight into your customer's behaviour. Using Prospect CRM's Contact data, you can develop relevant email marketing content, resulting in more personalised emails and fewer unsubscribes!

Here are some ideas on how to leverage Mailchimp or Spotler to drive more sales.

Targeted Messaging to Churn-risk RFM Segments

To help increase order frequency and improve your customer retention, use your Churn-risk RFM Segments to send engaging and targeted messaging. Your Churn-risk Segments would include the following:

  • Needs Attention

  • At Risk

  • Hibernating

  • Don't Lose Them

Your customer's RFM Segments will automatically sync with Mailchimp so you can filter target audiences within Mailchimp to include your Churn-risk RFM customers. Here are some ideas of what type of content you could be sending via Mailchimp to your Churn-risk segments:

  • Make limited time offers

  • Recommend products to them based on past purchases

  • Share valuable resources

  • Recommend popular products at discount

  • Send emails from Account Managers to appear like personal 1-1 emails

  • Recreate brand value

Promote Additional Products to Help Upsell

Using our "Customers who Bought X but not Y" Report, discover which customers purchased one specific product from you but not another. Knowing who these customers are and making them aware of a second item can encourage greater purchase volume per customer and increase average order values. Use Mailchimp to then inform these customers of products that they could be benefiting from to drive upsell. Our Mailchimp Tagging allows you to tag Contacts from a Report such as the "Customers who Bought X but not Y" to ensure you target the right audience with the right message. Click here to learn more about Mailchimp Tagging.

Win Back your Churning Customers with Engaging Content

Use Prospect’s RFM Analysis to identify your Lost and Closed customers. Review these accounts to understand the reasons for churn and how you might win them back. Leverage your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) to send relevant information to churning customers, reviving their interest and recreating your brand value. Again, your RFM Segments will automatically sync to Mailchimp so you can easily identity and target these customers via a Mailchimp campaign.

Co-ordinate Drip Feed Campaigns to Help Onboard New Customers

The key to successfully growing a profitable Wholesale, Distributor or Manufacturing business is not just to attract new customers and get them to place their (first) order with you, but to then successfully onboard them. Drip feed campaigns ensure that new customers are introduced to your products and your company's values, helping to achieve the second, third and fourth orders Again, our RFM Analysis automatically identifies who your New Customers are, allowing you to easily include New Customers within your drip feed campaign.

Nurture Suspects & Prospects into Hot Opportunities

You can't personally hand-hold every prospect through discovering and purchasing your product, but email marketing can do that work for you! As an example, use Mailchimp to effectively communicate your Champion's testimonials. Drip feed campaigns are also a great way to help nurture your leads and get them ready to be paying customers. Our CRM Company Type is synced to Mailchimp so you can easily target just your prospects.

Introductory Emails to Prospects

Send introductory emails on mass to your prospects to help fill your pipeline with quality leads. The results of the Mailchimp Campaign are fed back into the CRM, meaning your Sales team can see if the lead has interacted with the e-shot such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc.

Take a look at our help article now at how to integrate with Mailchimp.

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