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Taking Card Payments Using Stripe
Taking Card Payments Using Stripe

Learn how to use Stripe to take card payments for orders confirmed via the CRM.

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Stripe Platforms allows businesses to make and receive payments over the internet. The CRM integrates with Stripe, enabling you to take card payments for orders placed via the CRM. For more information about Stripe take a look at their website here.


  • You'll need Stripe integration set up first - follow these steps to do this

Step 1: Create Quotation or Sales Order

Firstly, create a Quote or Sales Order and add the required products that the customer wishes to purchase.

Step 2: Navigate to Card Payments Page

Once happy with the products and prices added to the customer's order, navigate to the Card Payments page against the record.

Within the Card Payments page you can add the customer's card details and click the 'Pay' button to take the payment using Stripe's platform. You can also tick the 'Save customer card' option to save their card details for next time.

Please note: we don't store any card details within the CRM. All of these details are stored on Stripe's platform.

Step 3: Confirm Order

Finally, click the 'Confirm Order' button to push the order through to your integrated Inventory Management/Accounting System.


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